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When You Burn Fat, Where Does It Go?





You are constantly burning calories – sleeping, sitting at work, chasing your kids, chasing your dog, or check getting in a good sweat session. Your body does it naturally, sometimes at a faster rate than others. And, when you burn more calories than you consume (at the basic level), weight loss occurs. Every pound is the equivalent to 3,500 calories – so to lose one pound, you need a 3,500 calorie deficit.

Something interesting happens, though, when you burn fat. Where does it go? I saw this short video on Greatist earlier this week and couldn’t resist sharing. A survey of doctors, dietitians and trainers revealed that the majority of them believe that when you burn fat, fat converts to energy and is released as heat; however, a recent study shows that fat is released as carbon dioxide when we exhale. Their conclusion: when you burn fat, you breathe it out. It can also be lost through sweat, urine and tears, but as a much smaller percentage.

When You Burn Fat, Where Does It Go?






It sounds simple, but there’s actually a lot more behind it. Check out the video by SciShow above to get the chemistry details. During slimming exercises, our body subjected to large tortures, it is worth stocking up with a large amount of water.

Just keep this in mind when you’re completing the 10K-a-day + push-ups and squats monthly fitness calendar! Run the ‘Hood 2011 Race Central | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC

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