We hear it all the time… “I just don’t have time to exercise!” The truth of the matter is that exercise is something that we have to prioritize, just like we prioritize a meeting or a doctor’s appointment or going to work 5 days a week, or anything else we have to do. I know we are all busy these … [Read more…]

Good morning from rainy Texas!! It’s rained so much and I’m so over the rain that some of my true confessions this week have to do with the rain! But, some good stuff has happened lately that I want to share so I’m going to do some tooting, too! Here we go!! Confession: I’m tired of the rain that … [Read more…]

About two years ago I started doing some research on the foods that I was buying and putting into my and my family’s bodies. It was very eye opening but also rather discouraging because I found that most of the processed foods in the grocery store are filled with junk. I kept coming back to the … [Read more…]

    I “Big Puffy Heart” walking and I ABSOLUTELY HATE getting blisters. But, I am one of the lucky people on the planet that has wonky feet that have a tendency for blisters! When I started training for my very first Susan G. Komen 3-Day five years ago, my first training walk was … [Read more…]

In exactly 90 days, I will turn 50 years old! The age that I’ve always thought of as officially being OLD! The age that most people think you’ve lived half your life. The age of “over the hill” and “black balloons” (and believe me, if any of my friends decide to surprise me in this way there will be … [Read more…]

Unless you live in a cave, over the past six months you’ve probably heard the phrase What You Can When You Can or seen the hashtag #wycwyc. It’s been on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else for good reason, since the new book by the same title is due out soon, although some of the pre-orders … [Read more…]

Do you ever have days where you just wish that you could make a difference in someone’s life? Do you ever feel like all your effort is for nothing? Do you ever feel like just sitting down and letting someone else take charge? Some days are just hard, y’all! Some days, I just don’t want to be a grown … [Read more…]

Have you ever had the feeling that you need time to wander, travel, get away? A lot of people call it wanderlust; a chance to escape the normalcy of your life. Some people take vacations yearly that help feed that wanderlust feeling, but I’m talking about something a bit different. A chance to be … [Read more…]

Everyone needs an extra boost of motivation occasionally, right? I have some to offer you today (and in turn I hope it will motivate me more). Over the past month I’ve basically been coasting along the road to health and fitness. The past two months have been crazy-busy and I’ve been slacking on … [Read more…]

Change is hard, y’all! As you are reading this post, I am helping my best friend load up a moving truck to move 1,000 miles away, to a state I’ve never visited. We’ve known each other since around 1998 (when our now-adult sons were just little boys) and we’ve been through a lot of tough times … [Read more…]

In just over six months, I will be traveling from my north Texas home to Seattle, WA and walking for a cause very dear to my heart. I will be walking my fifth Susan G. Komen 3-Day and seeing the wonderful state of Washington for the first time. This year, I stepped way outside of my comfort zone and … [Read more…]

It’s Wednesday and time for our weekly check-in. Are you ready to Step into Spring? Hop on the scale and check in with us. Is the scale going the way you want? Do you have other successes that the scale isn’t showing? We are here to help you in your health and fitness journey, so be sure to check in … [Read more…]

In north Texas, we are about to start our “spring break” (even though it doesn’t feel anything like spring around here yet) and we have some fun things planned for the week off from our normally busy schedule. I know both my son and I are looking forward to a more relaxed schedule, but I also know … [Read more…]

It’s Tuesday and time for some True Confessions! I hope that you have been treating yourself well and don’t have any health and fitness-related confessions to make, but if that’s not the case, please join in down in the comments section, where we will get all these things off our chest and have a … [Read more…]

Good morning fellow shrinkers! It’s Wednesday so that means it is time to hop on the scale, check-in and see how all your hard work is showing up on the scales! I like to weigh myself first thing on Wednesday morning before I eat or drink anything, after using the bathroom! It’s a fresh new day and … [Read more…]