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GOOOOD MORNING TWORKOUT-ERS! Isn’t it a lovely fall day? There’s just enough chill in the air to make a nice hot bowl of oatmeal the best start to your morning. National Oatmeal Day is on Saturday, October 29th, but we’re starting the celebration early with Quaker Oats! Here are just a few ways from … [Read more…]

        So, um, obviously, my first confession is that I forgot my confessions today. I was happily typing up the Tworkout post when I thought, Tworkout. Tuesday. TRUE CONFESSIONS! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! I would like to apologize to all of you because I know you’ve been … [Read more…]

      Hey guys! Guess what? It’s Tworkout night! The night that we all workout (together on Twitter) while we watch our favorite TV shows! Of course you want to join us! So hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and Tworkout with us! Tonight’s Tworkout: 1. It’s a 3 min … [Read more…]

        Whoa! It’s Tuesday already?! I”m not sure how it happened, but I’m glad it did because that means it’s Tworkout night! So turn on your favorite TV show, hop onto Twitter, and join us at 8 p.m. Central for a butt kicking good time! Tonight’s Tworkout: 1. … [Read more…]

On a fine fall morning, we woke up to a surprise, That was so great, we could barely believe our eyes. We were nominated for Shape’s Best Blogger Awards! For bloggers like us, we couldn’t ask for anything more! One of 20 Inspiring Weight-Loss blogs they say, And that’s so crazy awesome in … [Read more…]

I walk onto the court and over to the rack where the balls are kept. I carefully choose which ball that feels best in my hands. I smile as I turn and walk to an open hoop. I love the sound the ball makes when I dribble it. I love the sound of many balls bouncing on the court. In my mind, I’m in high … [Read more…]

  Howdy, peeps! How has your week started off so far? Does anyone actually read these posts? No? OK! Well, whether you’re reading them or not, we’re going to have a fabulous Tworkout tonight, and I really hope you join in because we have a lot of fun! Just join us on Twitter at 8 p.m. … [Read more…]

Of course you want to Tworkout! Everyone wants to Tworkout! And if you’re going to watch TV tonight, what better way than to Tworkout? Right? Right! All you have to do is to log onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and follow along and join in! I promise it’s a lot of fun! Tonight’s Tworkout: 1. 30 … [Read more…]

I love fall. I love the colors and the chill in the air. I love cool mornings (not cold) with warm afternoons and I love orange and maroon with a little yellow mixed in. I love short sleeve t-shirts over long sleeve t-shirts and I love looking great in my jeans. Who doesn’t love looking really … [Read more…]

    I met Christy just a few years past, and our friendship grew really fast. She is kind and fun, and she amazingly Gets quite pissed if you deny her coffee.       Now Christy, did you think you would live ever live that down? Never! Ever! Not … [Read more…]

Holy cow! The new season of the Biggest Loser is upon us! Are you guys excited? I fully admit to being apprehensive. I mean, we all know what happened that one season when Jillian wasn’t on the show. What was that other trainer’s name? Yeah. Exactly. This season, we have a celebrity training the … [Read more…]

This morning, I was browsing for a recipe to share with you guys (because let’s face it, I just don’t cook that much), I came across a recipe on NBC.com from my favorite show, The Biggest Loser. I LOVE everything breakfast, but one of my favorites, sausage egg and cheese biscuits, just aren’t that … [Read more…]

Happy Tworkout Tuesday! It’s a gorgeous day here and life is great, yes? Yes! What makes today even better is that I have a butt kicking good Tworkout for you today! If you’re new, then no worries, just hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and Tworkout with us! We have a blast! Tonight’s … [Read more…]

A friend told me last night that she had taken a personality test that told her she was a perfectionist. I nodded in agreement. “I am not,” she said. “Oh, you so totally are,” I replied. That conversation made me think a bit, and I fully admit to being a perfectionist as well. I won’t sing … [Read more…]

  Did you read the post title?! That’s right! Tonight’s Tworkout is YOUR choice! Here’s what you do: In the comments below, tell us what your favorite Tworkout exercises are! If you have something new, give it to us! (If it’s new, include description, please.) Then join us on Twitter at 8 … [Read more…]