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We love you so much and hope you are having a fabulous time in Tennessee!! … [Read more…]

I’m always looking for a good side dish. Seems like there are tons of light main dish and dessert recipes out there, so I’m on a mission to find appetizers, snacks, and sides. Stay tuned for some more great recipes. I do try to test out recipes, but with 2 little ones and a husband who works out of … [Read more…]

After the complete debacle that was my weigh-in this morning, I decided to get my butt in gear and start counting my points. I mean, I actually pay for a Weight Watchers Online subscription and it just sits there, unused, wasting away. So today I drug out my trusty food scale, my measuring cups and … [Read more…]

This salad is SO good, but it tastes like it’s so bad. In other words, it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting when I eat this salad. The dressing is so creamy and unlike most “light” dressings, and it keeps well in an airtight container in the fridge for a couple of days. From Weight Watchers Points: … [Read more…]

Yesterday was a very stressful day. All I wanted to do was eat. Luckily my visitor, Amanda (also a Sister!) helped me stay on track! She’s such a good influence. When we all sat down for dinner, she made a plate for me with reasonable portions. It was perfect. I wonder if I can convince her to stay … [Read more…]

Yesterday, Lisa outlined the Weight Watchers plan, and today I’m going to outline the South Beach Diet for you. Now to be honest, I’ve never used the South Beach plan to lose weight. I’m a half-assed Weight Watchers girl. But Weight Watchers is what I know, what I’m comfortable with, it’s ingrained … [Read more…]

All I want to do today is eat. I’m not, but I’m so tempted and the day is still so young. I have several friends in stressful situations right now, and I’m kinda stressed about how much I have to do for ruby & roja and I have house guests, and I have posts to write for blogs and UGH. So yeah, I … [Read more…]

I am now the proud owner of a Wii, thanks in part to Beth! She scored one for me, since Texas seems to be lacking in the Wiis, and it arrived safely in the mail today! Earlier this week, my Wii Fit arrived too. I’m ready to join the latest fitness craze and jump start my nonexistent exercise regime! … [Read more…]

We are officially half way through the Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge! Three weeks down, three to go. You are doing so great, and we really appreciate all the comments you’re leaving on our site. We strive everyday to bring you more. More information, more support, more motivation, more … [Read more…]

Lisa, aka MommyMo, has officially joined the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans as an Contributing Editor, along with Beth, Crooked Eyebrow, Melissa, Brian and myself!! See her pretty picture over there in the sidebar! Click it and it will take you to her brand new personal Sisterhood blog. Of … [Read more…]

I came across a free offer in my Sunday paper coupon section today. A free 3-month issue to Cooking Light Magazine! Anyone who goes to here can sign up! When you fill the form out, it does ask for CC info, but you can choose the Bill Me option. You’re not obligated to continue with the subscription … [Read more…]

Yes, I’m writing a product review on hot dogs. Why? Because I love them and my son loves them and they are just good. I’m a bit of a hot dog snob though. I only like 100% beef hot dogs. Mystery dogs just gross me out, turkey ones have a strange texture, and the tofu ones should be banned from the … [Read more…]

While searching madly through my near 20,000 photos on my hard drive for suitable before/after (the first time) and before photos I came to a sad realization. There aren’t very many of me at all. I’m always the one taking the pictures, so I’m very rarely in them. Even sadder, when I was at my … [Read more…]

I made it home from Indiana on Monday night. Late Monday night. After a flight in which I was puked on twice by my 14 month old. She came down with the stomach virus hard and heavy on Sunday and couldn’t keep anything down or in. If you know what I mean…… So of course, I came down with it too. I … [Read more…]

If you don’t have this recipe, you need to save it now. This soup is a wonderful addition to any meal or great on it’s own. POINTS® Value: 0 Servings:  12 Preparation Time:  50 min Cooking Time:  13 min Level of Difficulty:  Easy 2  medium   garlic clove(s), minced 1  medium   onion(s), diced 2  … [Read more…]