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When I think holidays, I think pie. Not the turkey or the ham but the sweet, give me the big slice kind of pie. My taste buds are getting all excited just thinking about my favorite, French Silk Pie. Personally, I can eat the entire pie without blinking an eye. As I was getting our holiday menus in … [Read more…]

I have so many things that I love. All good for the body, mind and soul. Here are just the few that I’m in love with this week. 1. Lush Bath Bombs- Nothing is more relaxing than a candle lit bath at night for me (with a glass of wine). Even more so a special treat for myself (and skin) are Lush … [Read more…]

OH I’m shaking it all right… I have this problem, the only place I can workout in is my small living room. No big right? I put my 10 minute kick boxing DVD in and get started. Squats, kicks and shuffle here and there. Great huh? I’m moving, I’m getting my blood pumping… The problem? I shake the … [Read more…]

Oh man, the holidays are here. All the yummy baked goodies are becoming so hard to resist. Up until now I haven’t wanted any, but now? Now? I want them so badly that I can almost taste the sugar on my lips. So, you know what? I am totally going to have one but I am counting the points and making … [Read more…]

Water and Weight Loss It seems that every diet and wellness book will tell you the same thing, drink more water. It’s the starting point of just about every diet but do you know just how much you should be drinking? Do you know just how important water really is? With our bodies being 60-75%  … [Read more…]

Life is all about doing things at  the right time. Knowing when to go, when to speak, knowing when to stop. For me this week  was a test of knowing when to stop… eating. This past week I wanted to snack more, take seconds at dinner, drink endless bottles of wine and scarf down all holiday cookies … [Read more…]

During the week at work, finding time to take a lunch is often difficult. I  often found myself eating on the go out of “not so nutritious” vending machines and feeling hungry and horrible in just a sew short hours. My body was not getting the nutrition it needed at work. Snacks loaded with … [Read more…]

To be quite honest, when I awoke I wanted to stay in my nice warm bed all day. I didn’t want to go to work and I certainly didn’t want to weigh myself today. I was doubting myself a bit. I knew that I had tried to squeeze in exercise and that this week was really  all about trying to avoid falling … [Read more…]

I am all about breakfast food. Not only will I eat if for  breakfast but lunch and dinner too. When I ran across these low point breakfast recipes  I had to share… SCRAMBLED EGG BURRITOS Ingredients: 1 cup egg substitute 1/4 cup shredded reduced-fat cheese … [Read more…]

Normally if I  have a lot to keep me busy, I don’t snack. Today? holy cow. I should be doing laundry, grocery shopping and a few other things but I have no energy. None, therefore I’m not doing a thing. So I’m sitting and all I want to do is eat, munch and nibble. Thankfully I don’t have any … [Read more…]

It’s one of those days. A day where by 10 o’clock in the morning I’ve had to repeat “stay strong girl, stay strong” to myself about 5,550 times. Really, that much… Mood wise I’m doing great but I have this uncontrollable urge to go to the vending machine and eat every hostess cake there is, but I … [Read more…]

The total body balance ball kit by Gaiam Not only does this balance ball look fun to use, but after you get the hang of it, it is! A perfect way to add  variety to your at home exercise routine! Sure we can keep getting on the floor for endless hours of  boring abdominal crunches and leg lifts but … [Read more…]

Since eating at work is one of my biggest down falls I have started to plan and pack my lunch as well as snacks. Sure deep down inside I want to run out to Jimmy Johns (or Quiznos) and eat the best sandwiches and chips ever, but I can’t fight off temptations yet. That’s just me. I can’t tempt myself … [Read more…]

Tonight was the night. The night where I finally pried my(not so small) butt off the couch and kept my date with Jane Fonda. She and I had some serious work to be done;work that I have been putting off for about 10 months. What work? Just the flabby belly and thunder thighs that need to be whipped … [Read more…]

Day one of our “dreaming of a light Christmas” challenge and I am ready. My goals are in place and my skinny jeans are waiting for me. I can hear them rooting for me already. (they are tired of being way back in the closet!) So if you check tout my numbers page here, you can see that since this site … [Read more…]