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You know how when you go to the gynecologist, they always ask if you check your breasts? Well, I’m one of those people that lies and says YES to avoid a lecture. Well, today, I’m here to lecture you.  DO YOU FEEL YOUR BOOBIES? Because if you don’t, you need to start. (To our Brothers, well, bear … [Read more…]

Psssst.  Confession time…all this healthy living stuff can be kind of a drag at times.  I try to pump myself up by chanting mantras such as ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ or ‘You’re not going to die from running’ (though sometimes I question this). Sometimes, I need to resort to full on … [Read more…]

Hello fellow Shrinkers! Can you believe we’re four weeks into the Shrink for Good Challenge? And on the final week of the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge? Man, time sure flies when you’re having fun…or not (I’m having fun, I promise.  I just LOVE kick backs). So, you know the drill. Hop on your … [Read more…]

The weather (here, at least) feels like autum. That means – SOUP! This one is a favorite around our house. I’ve modified the original recipe from the Zolo Grill slightly to make it more points friendly. At eight, it’s not super light, but it’s filling. The cheese and sour cream do add to the … [Read more…]

Cookies, Brownies & Granola – OH MY! So, if you still haven’t gone over and checked out the offerings at Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods, do it! You won’t be sorry! You can also order Baker’s products from Amazon, which has free shipping over $25. Good stuff! By the way, I never told MY … [Read more…]

I hail from a moderately sized city, nestled between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle – Bellingham, Washington. I lived there most of my life until my recent move to the Seattle area, and while I was in Bellingham, I became familiar with a fabulous company called Baker’s Breakfast Cookies – now known as … [Read more…]

I know you all know that you’re supposed to warm up before every workout, and cool down after. But DO you? I know I don’t. I never have. Sure, I may have done a few little stretches before games, meets, whatever in high school. But in practice, during our warm up jogs, you could find me hiding out … [Read more…]

Here we are. My first confessional. Ever. Gulp. Okay, here goes. Forgive me Sisters, for I have sinned. I had a run in with Betty Crocker this week. Emergency freak out frosting has been in the fridge all week. Cream cheese flavor – I emphasize FLAVOR because I’m pretty sure there’s not any actual … [Read more…]