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Gooood morning, Shrinkers! Today is not just any ordinary Wednesday check-in. Today is the kick-off for our Back to Basics Weight Loss Challenge. Don’t you just love a fresh start? I sure do! Christy’s post spells out all the details on what you need to know. Like it says in the name of this … [Read more…]

It’s the start of a brand spanking new month, folks. Do you ever set a monthly goal for yourself? I do, but typically end up forgetting about it by the time the first weekend rolls around. But July was a different story.  On July 1, I set a goal: one full month of hitting at least 10,000 steps … [Read more…]

What would having a little time to yourself do for you today? Not family time. Not catch-up-on-laundry time. Not clean-out-the-inbox time. I’m talking about time, precious time, carved out of the next 24 hours in whatever amount you can muster (20 minutes? 30? An hour?) devoted TO you BY you.  … [Read more…]

She nervously stands at the microphone before a group of people in the hazy basement meeting room in the local church, amid the unfolded metal chairs and half-empty Styrofoam  cups of rancid coffee. “Hi. I’m Mary. I am addicted to my FitBit. It has been 16 days in a row of reaching over 10,000 … [Read more…]

  Hello once again, Shrinkers once and all ! How is everyone?  How did you all do this week? Go get on that scale and hurry on up, why dontcha? We are all eager to hear how you did this past week! You will remember that last week, I wrote about the Drop One Challenge.  This was a mission to focus … [Read more…]

Hello Shrinkers! You know the drill. It’s Wednesday. For the rest of the world it means Hump Dayyyyyyyy. For all of us here in the ‘Hood, it means it’s time to get nekkid and hop on the scale and see what’s what! How are you doing on your journey toward health and fitness? If you are like me, … [Read more…]

I’ve been thinking about writing a post about all the things I want to do this summer when lo and behold it dawned on me today that June is already nearly in the rearview mirror. How did THAT happen? But probably by now, your kids are already complaining about boredom like it’s an incurable … [Read more…]

Hi, everyone! How is everybody? It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time to hop on the scale and see what’s what! How are things looking? Did you have a good week? A not so-good week (ahem)? Let’s take a look back at the past week. Did you pick ONE item from Lisa’s list and focus on it for seven … [Read more…]

Hello Shrinkers! How is everyone? I am stealing borrowing an idea from my dear friend and fellow SJ writer Ann, who in one of her recent check in posts, also issued a challenge.  Did you participate in that one? What got you out the door into the sunshine? Getting outdoor activity on a regular basis … [Read more…]

Hi friends! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday, the day of the week where we boast boast boast about ourselves without shame or a drop of conceit! Let’s hear from you. I am CERTAIN that you have something to toot your horn about it, big or small!  So let’s here it. How did you all do over the holiday … [Read more…]

TGIF dear shrinkers! This TGIF is extra lovely due to it starting off a long weekend for most of us.  Long weekends can even be seen as a secret weapon on your weight loss journey. Here’s why: You have an entire extra day to plan, and cook,  healthy meals for the week ahead. You have a chance … [Read more…]

Hi, friends! It’s been a while since I have touched base with you on a Monday, the day of the week where we share motivation and spread it around a bit. What’s been working for you lately? I was kind of out of the loop for a good three-week stretch or so, thanks to a severe case of poison ivy or … [Read more…]

(Photo credit: Meet Brooke Birmingham. You may know her already. I feel like I do. I have been following her blog, Brooke Not On A Diet, for quite some time.  She is an amazing inspiration to the thousands of people who follow her blog and her postings on social media. I read … [Read more…]

    A year ago, our souls came unraveled. Can it really be true that a whole year has passed? One year since the dual explosions on Boylston Street. One year since the terror and the panic and the heartache that had us all crying as we were gripped to the TV or our ever-present social media sites. … [Read more…]

Image Source: Inspired by Lisa’s post to change things up a bit, I wanted to share what has helped lately to  snap me out of that rut of boredom we all get hit with from time to time. If you haven’t read her post or Ann’s post about the importance and benefits of lifting weights, you … [Read more…]