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Helllloooo? Echo… Echo… Is this thing on? Tap, tap. Things seem to be awfully… vacant… around here today. Liven’ up people! It’s Friday! TRAIL MIX, DRIED FRUIT, AND MIXED NUTS Eat This! Sunsweet Pitted Prunes – 100 cal, 0 g fat, 12 g sugar, 3 g fiber – Per gram, prunes provide ewer calories, … [Read more…]

I am super excited for today’s post! A few months back, I was lucky enough to run across TJ on all this loveliness that is the internet! TJ is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor and has been involved in fitness for over 10 years! Together with her partner Christy, she … [Read more…]

CORN CHIPS Eat This Guiltless Gourmet All Natural Chili Lime – 120 cal, 3 g fat, 200 mg sodium. Fewer ingredients, less fat, and double the fiber of Tostitos. Que Pasa White Corn – 140 cal, 7 g fat, 50 mg sodium. One of the most reliable plain tortilla chips in the supermarket. Snyder’s of Hanover … [Read more…]

In an attempt to pull me out of my funk yesterday, my husband MADE me get out of bed and shower. I did not go to the gym, but he did drive me to the tanning salon and MAKE me go in while he waited in the car. And then we got Starbucks and went grocery shopping. Did I mention that was the first time … [Read more…]

WORST CRUNCH SNACK Gardetto’s Special Request Roasted Garlic Rye Chips (1/2 cup, 30 g) 160 calories, 10 g fat, 40 mg sodium Each single serving exceeds the amount of trans fat deemed safe to consume daily by the American Heart Association. Eat This Instead: Snyder’s of Hanover Sourdough Nibblers (16 … [Read more…]

1. I am feeling very down and depressed lately 2. I did well with my eating… until the weekend. 3. I have been slacking on the exercise. 4. I didn’t go to the gym this morning because my husband is majorly pissing me off and I didn’t want to sit in the car with him. So I will either go when he … [Read more…]

This is more like an FYI… and a disgusting one at that. After reading this, you can thank me for helping you keep your caloric intake down for today. ;o) The FDA allows certain amounts of *bonus* ingredients in our food, lucky us… Canned Pineapple – Can contain up to 20 percent moldy … [Read more…]

Go look here… If your name is NOT on it, email me and I will add you if you would like. If not, no problem. Benefits of adding your name to the ‘roll? Increased exposure for you, which = more support from our lovely sisters and brother! Thanks! … [Read more…]

Do y’all remember when Crooked Eyebrow posted a review on Eat This Not That, The Supermarket Survival Guide? I picked up the book while we were on vacation, and let me just say it is SO VERY INTERESTING. There are some complete shockers in there! I thought I would share some of the information to … [Read more…]

I think we may be ready to go again! Cross your fingers! So, where did we leave off? Did you all see The Biggest Shrinker of the Looking Fine for Valentine’s challenge? Congrats again, Kate! Check out her snazzy new button on her blog! Are you excited for the new challenge? I know I am. Three weeks? … [Read more…]

Hey all! We are having some technical issues (in case you haven’t noticed)! Bear with us while we get it all figured out! Sorry for the inconvenience!! … [Read more…]

Congratulations to our Biggest Shrinker for the Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge! Way to go Kate! She lost 16.7# during our challenge! You are such an inspiration to us all! Here is Kate’s story: Kate! I am so proud to say a Sister from my own town is the Biggest Shrinker! What was your … [Read more…]

1.  I ate a lot of junk while I was on vacation. 2. I did pick options off the “healthier” menu at restaurants. 3. I hit the hotel gym one day and swam two days. 4. I am back to my regular gym habit as of today. 5. This is probably TMI, but I really want to know if anyone else has this problem or if … [Read more…]

If you haven’t tried the Laughing Cow cheese wedges yet, you must. The wedges come in four flavors: Original Cream Swiss Light Swiss Original (my Fave!) Light Garlic & Herb Light French Onion They have a ton of flavor and the Light wedges have only 35 calories each and 2 grams of fat! The … [Read more…]

I first heard about hot yoga while I was living in Grand Junction, CO and have always found the concept very interesting. I have never tried it myself, but hopefully I will find the courage to once I slim down a bit! What is Hot Yoga? Hot Yoga consists of performing a series of yoga poses in a … [Read more…]