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Take out your pencils girls and boys, it’s time for your Heart Healthy Workout Quiz. Write your answers in the comment section below. Keep your eyes on your own paper, no cheating, and lay your head down on your desk when you have finished. We will discuss the answers a little bit later. … [Read more…]

POINTS® Value: 2 Servings: 18 Preparation Time: 12 min Cooking Time: 27 min Level of Difficulty: Easy Topped with gooey melted cheese, this creamy appetizer will be a hit at your next party. Ingredients 1 tbsp light butter 1 cup(s) onion(s), finely chopped 2 medium … [Read more…]

Are you all ready to hear the winners of the Weight Watchers Chocolate giveaway? Mmmm…. chocolate. Wait, what was I talking about?? Oh yeah, the winners… Drumroll please… Thea at I’m a Drama Mama AND Erin at School Teacher by Day, Superhero by Night Congratulations girls! Email me … [Read more…]

POINTS® Value: 4 Servings: 4 Preparation Time: 17 min Cooking Time: 8 min Level of Difficulty: Easy Works with Simply Filling Take the spiciness of this kid-favorite dish down a notch by adding just a few drops of hot sauce to the mixture. Fat-free ranch instead of the fat-free blue cheese … [Read more…]

Superbowl Sunday is quickly approaching! Forget about football, it’s all about the food! This year, we are going to give you some healthier alternatives to munch on while you watch the Steelers (I had a blond moment, thanks for correcting me Allyson!) ;o) and Cardinals battle it out on the big … [Read more…]

I did not have a very good weekend food-wise. I did alright, not too bad, until oh, about lunchtime on Saturday. And then the kids went to stay with their Grandparents for the night so I started painting my office and poured myself a glass of wine, which turned into several, which led to me eating … [Read more…]

This recipe is from Megan… I have had it at her house several times and it is so delicious and kids love it! Bread Machine Pizza POINTS® Value: 5 Servings: 8 Ingredients 1/2 cup(s) Contadina Pizza Sauce 8 oz Alpine Lace Mozzarella Cheese, shredded 1/2 tsp table … [Read more…]

We were recently offered the opportunity to try out Weight Watchers Chocolate Candies by Whitman’s. You know us, we never turn down a good treat (ahem, unless it’s high in fat and calories, of course)! They come in many different varieties, everything from Caramel Medallions to Double Chocolate … [Read more…]

I really appreciate all the awesome comments and advice left for me here (and here) by you wonderful people after my huge gain this week. I did go ahead and buy a new scale. I tested it out and compared it to my old one and can no longer use that as an excuse for my gargantuan gain. Crap, now I need … [Read more…]

New to running? Read more on how-to get started here! If you are anything like me, then you try running for a few minutes, huff and puff, can’t catch your breath, and slow to a walk. That’s my story. I have big dreams of being a runner, if only I could run longer than three minutes at a … [Read more…]

As I was drinking my coffee and performing my morning perusal of blogs, I came across this post by my friend Sandi. She is currently attending school and had to write a piece resembling the Gettysburg Address for her English Comp. class. I thought is was very fitting for all of us here at Shrinking … [Read more…]

**Note: This is a recipe that I found while researching Eat Right for Your Type. I love popcorn and was looking for something that may satisfy my craving. I plan to get the ingredients on my next trip to the grocery store, so if you try it, be sure and let me know what you think! -Melissa … [Read more…]

WW Points/Serving: 5 Servings: 10 1 pound ground turkey breast 1 medium onion, chopped 2 cups each: tomato sauce and enchilada sauce 1 can (15 oz.) pinto beans and juice 12 corn tortillas 3 cups grated fat-free cheddar cheese (10 oz.) 1/4 cup sliced black olives In a large, heavy skillet sprayed … [Read more…]

Hello, hello! Anyone out there? I am having a boring weekend cooped up at home and have decided that I need some new music on my iPod. That is where you come in. I am asking for your help, please help a sister out! Leave me a comment naming 3 songs you think I should have in my music stash. Thanks, … [Read more…]

Continuing with our heart-healthy challenge, today we are going to learn about our target heart rates. Yet ANOTHER number, I know. You thought (hoped) you were done with math in high school and college, right? What is the “target heart rate?” Simply put, it’s the desired range of heart rate reached … [Read more…]