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I’ve been thinking hard about what I want out of myself for 2009. Here’s my list: 1. Embrace my 30s. (Do I have a choice?!) I do, however, have a choice about how I embrace this new decade in my life. I plan to have a good attitude about the whole aging deal and in turn, good things will happen! 2. … [Read more…]

Confession: I haven’t been to the gym ALL WEEK. True, the kids are home on Christmas break which makes it that much more of a pain-in-the-ass, but I think I was beginning to feel a little burnt out. After four months of hitting it hard, I think this break is just what I needed. Now on Monday, after … [Read more…]

**I updated my measurements today** … [Read more…]

That is my mood today. I ate lots of good food last night, stayed up past my bedtime, had a couple of drinks (but only a few!). I am feeling lazy and tired today and I am just going to go with it. The kids and I are going to have a lax day, heck, I haven’t even showered yet and it’s what time? Oh … [Read more…]

Today is coming out day. Time to come clean about just how much damage was inflicted upon our bodies this holiday season. I stepped on the scale and closed my eyes this morning. I am up 0.8, and you know what? I’ll take it. Granted, it may take awhile for the “damage” to catch up with me, so I am … [Read more…]

Wow, can you believe Christmas is over already?! It’s definitely a good thing because I just don’t know how my body would be able to handle anymore cookies. Or chocolate candies. Or cracked pepper and olive oil Triscuits. Mmmm. If you haven’t guessed it already, I did not do so well diet-wise over … [Read more…]

This is one of the best chocolate-chip cookies you’ll ever make–and it doesn’t scrimp on chocolate. Applesauce is the secret. 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup applesauce 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup butter, softened 1 tablespoon vanilla … [Read more…]

Can’t get much easier than this and these are a much better alternative to the cookies I have been chowing on the last few days. FIBER ONE HAYSTACKS 6 servings, 1 point each 1 Hershey bar 2 Tbsp peanut butter 1 c. Fiber One cereal Break chocolate into a bowl and add peanut butter. Microwave for … [Read more…]

And I am obese. At least, this is what the Wii Fit just told me today! It also informed me that I have gained over 21 pounds since the last time I have gotten on it which was 163 days ago. Wow. If that isn’t a reality check, I don’t know what is! Shit. … [Read more…]

How did everyone do with the mini-challenge this week? I got wrapped up in the Christmas hustle and bustle and only got 3 workouts in. I don’t have any excuses, I COULD have found a few minutes here and there to do some crunches, I just didn’t. How did you do? This week, as things start to settle … [Read more…]

Monday, 12/22: 45 minutes AMT, 30 minutes arm/ab weights. How is everyone doing with getting their half hour of activity in? I personally didn’t do a whole lot this weekend -the windchills were near 40 below (still are!) and it is bitterly cold. Yuck! I went to the gym today and will go again … [Read more…]

Sunday, 12/14: Miles and miles of walking during shopping. That’s what it felt like! Monday, 12/15: Sat in vehicle for 8 hours. No exercising. Tuesday, 12/16: 50 minutes Precor AMT, 5 minutes odd Precor machine, 30 minutes arm/ab weights. Wednesday, 12/17: 40 minutes AMT, 30 minutes leg/ab … [Read more…]

Working out this morning was hard. Really hard. I didn’t want to go. Wouldn’t that be awesome of me to skip exercising on the first day of our new little challenge?? Anyway, I couldn’t let you ladies and gentleman down, so I drug my ass to the gym. I did my 30 minutes plus 11 more. It hurt. I just … [Read more…]

We now find ourselves right in the middle of our “Dreaming of a Light Christmas Challenge” and I hope that we don’t start losing steam. Christmas is just around the corner and we may be tempted to skimp on the exercise and indulge in the baked goodness surrounding us. The girls and I have decided to … [Read more…]

(Cue Lorrie Morgan song…) These are a few of my favorite things -health and fitness related of course! :o) 1. My iPod. I could not and WOULD NOT exercise without this baby. I have a 30GB that I got for Christmas a few years ago and it is not even close to being even HALF full! I have to say those … [Read more…]