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Beth F.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Beth didn’t have to worry about her weight.  She could eat ding dongs and cheetos and drink mountain dew and not a single pound would be gained, no matter what she consumed.  And then one day she got pregnant and all hell broke loose.  She ate whatever she wanted, and when her daughter was just 3 months old, she found out she was pregnant again.  And she became fatter still.  After COUNTLESS attempts to lose weight, she finally got serious and attended Weight Watcher meetings and joined a gym in 2006 and had the incredible support of her friends.  She lost 35 pounds and was in the best shape she had been in…maybe ever.

In October of 2007, she got pregnant with twins.  She maintained her healthy habits and barely gained weight.  In February, 2008, she lost her twin sons when she was five month pregnant.  During the first months after their deaths, she struggled with her appetite and lost weight rapidly.  And then she started to eat, more and more each day, until she was eating to make herself feel better.  Here she is today, back to a very unhealthy weight.  Each day she struggles to maintain a healthy mental health, gaining weight each day just makes that struggle more difficult.

Until now.

Beth’s goal is to lose 15 pounds.

Christy M.

Christy is the work-at-home-mom to BJ, born in September 2003, and Mia, born in November 2007. Born in Dallas and transplanted to Houston, Christy now resides, with her family, in a small town in Texas with a population of 387. She worked in the financial services industry for eight years as a marketing specialist and then graphic designer. In 2006, Christy left the workforce to become a stay at home Mom, and she is now a co-owner of ruby & roja design. When Christy has spare time, she spends it reading, gardening, blogging or reading blogs, and apparently eating! You can read more about Christy at Real Life Adventures.

Christy’s weightloss adventures started back in January of 2006, when she successfully lost 45 pounds with the help of and the support of fellow dieting friends! After having Mia, she lost all but 5 pounds of her baby weight only to gain almost 15 back! She’s now decided to divest of those last 25 pounds by joining Weight Watchers online service since she had so much luck with it to the first time around. Oh, yeah, she’s also teaming up with some great friends to help her along the way.

Mantra: I can get by with a little help from my friends.

Crooked Eyebrow

A midwestern born and raised, Crooked Eyebrow makes her home in the Chicagoland area along with her husband of eight years and their school aged son, JC. A full time nurse by day and wanna be super mom/wife by night, her free time is either spent washing dishes, practicing photography and blogging.

Crooked can be found at Crooked Eyebrow ,Chicago Moms Blog and on twitter. You can also email her at [email protected]

There was a time long ago when Crooked Eyebrow didn’t have to lie on her drivers license or on physical forms. Those were the good old days. Of course that was before the late nights in nursing school, marriage vows and way before the excuse of “its just baby weight” were ever used. Even though she is no longer 135 pounds, she looks forward to the day where she can be proud of her weight again.

After 8 years of struggling with her ever growing hips and a goal to lose fifty pounds, Crooked Eyebrow has decided that with the help of friends and bloggers alike, she too can be a weight loss success story (and never have to lie about her weight again).

Melissa A.

Melissa is about to turn the big 3-0 and wants to hit the ground running… literally. Married to her husband of nine years and mother of four, the youngest of which have just started kindergarten, she finally has a little time to focus on herself. She is done with her past ways of yo-yo dieting and is ready to embrace her new outlook on life with healthy eating and plenty of exercise. She hopes to lose 60 pounds with the help of her friends and Weight Watchers –and keep it off.

Apart from spending time with her husband and children, Melissa loves photography and enjoys four-wheeling, reading, and adventures. Take a peek into her life here and email her at [email protected]

Brian F.

Brian is your typical male who does not see the point in giving a lengthy bio, so in short:

He’d like to lose sixty pounds.  He plans to workout four times a week and ride the coat tails of his wife who will undoubtedly prepare delicious, healthy meals for him every single night.  (well, she’ll make healthy meals in between getting al fresco from Taco Bell and Veggie Subs on whole wheat from Subway.)  She’ll also be sure to curb his snacking habit, which is a bad, bad habit to have.   Did we mention how charming, witty and wonderful his wife is?  She is, she great.  And yes, his wife did write this for him.

See? I told you she was great.

Brian is a computer genius by day (and night) and comes home and is a Super Dad and a Super Husband.  He loves diet coke, guitar hero, music, driving fast and kissing his wife.

Lisa M.

Weight loss is nothing new to Lisa since she’s been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for about 10 years.  Lisa is mother to Sophie (age 5), Sam (almost 3), and Little Anthony (4 months old). Lisa has bitched and complained about losing weight for the last 15 years- first, she needed to lose 5 pounds, then 10 pounds, then 15 pounds….but she never did anything about it.

When her firstborn turned one, she finally did something about it by joining Weight Watchers. By the Fall of 2004, she lost 25 pounds in 3 months, by dieting alone.  She was violently opposed to exercising at that time–what if it hurt and made her tired?! After baby #2, she again had a bunch of weight to lose.  She became an exercising maniac, working out 5 days a week.  The weight didn’t necessarily fall off, but she did build some impressive muscles, and went from a Size 16 to a Size 12. Lisa had never felt healthier or more fit in her life.  Her energy was boundless and she could run around with her kids without losing her breath.

So here she is, with baby #3 born last September and baby weight still clinging to her 5′6″ frame.  Food still tastes too good, there’s no time to exercise, and with 3 kids with all of their own needs, it’s quite a struggle for her. Can you say tired?  She broke down crying the other day because she wants to eat right, she wants to find time to exercise, and she wants to fit into her clothes again.  And, she desperately wants to feel good about herself again.

As a nursing mom, Lisa is also worried about how diet and exercise will affect her milk supply. Nothing is more important than her nursing relationship with her son.

Lisa’s goal is to lose 20 pounds.

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