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Working out this morning was hard. Really hard. I didn’t want to go. Wouldn’t that be awesome of me to skip exercising on the first day of our new little challenge?? Anyway, I couldn’t let you ladies and gentleman down, so I drug my ass to the gym. I did my 30 minutes plus 11 more. It hurt. I just … [Read more…]

We now find ourselves right in the middle of our “Dreaming of a Light Christmas Challenge” and I hope that we don’t start losing steam. Christmas is just around the corner and we may be tempted to skimp on the exercise and indulge in the baked goodness surrounding us. The girls and I have decided to … [Read more…]

Oh man, the holidays are here. All the yummy baked goodies are becoming so hard to resist. Up until now I haven’t wanted any, but now? Now? I want them so badly that I can almost taste the sugar on my lips. So, you know what? I am totally going to have one but I am counting the points and making … [Read more…]

(Cue Lorrie Morgan song…) These are a few of my favorite things -health and fitness related of course! :o) 1. My iPod. I could not and WOULD NOT exercise without this baby. I have a 30GB that I got for Christmas a few years ago and it is not even close to being even HALF full! I have to say those … [Read more…]

Sorry that I have been missing in action lately! I have been traveling like crazy and just can’t seem to get caught up with everything. Not to mention that having four children in elementary school is keeping my head spinning. Aaugh! I have been failing miserably keeping track of who needs what on … [Read more…]

Yes, ladies (and man), it’s that time again. We are so proud of you for making it this far!! Time to pull the old scale out, blow the dust off, and step on. Are the numbers dropping for you? Good! If not, that’s okay too, but buckle down because we’re about to enter the hardest two weeks of the … [Read more…]

…and the pizza won. It’s been a hellish few days for me. My daughter, Mia, is sick with a mad cold. Nothing makes her happy but being held and being nursed. Can I just tell you my boobs are sore? Mkay, now that I got that out, I’m wondering if I get extra points for all the nursing I’ve been … [Read more…]

Water and Weight Loss It seems that every diet and wellness book will tell you the same thing, drink more water. It’s the starting point of just about every diet but do you know just how much you should be drinking? Do you know just how important water really is? With our bodies being 60-75%  … [Read more…]

I made this recipe right before Thanksgiving and OMGoodness, it was damn awesome.  It was so good and moist that I have since made it again AND I am making it for all of the kids’ teachers as holiday gifts.  It even freezes well.  You don’t need to slather butter on it at all, just bake and serve.  … [Read more…]

Wow, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I haven’t fallen off the wagon or anything, luckily, just been very busy. My 12 month old has been sick since Thursday and I’ve spent all of my extra time cuddling with her. I’ve done well with my eating, I just haven’t had time to actually enter my … [Read more…]