I’ve been giving myself too much slack lately. Yes, I’ve been sick and yes there have been 4 birthday parties with a total of 6 cakes; but there really is no excuse for overindulging at each party.

Its all about priorities with me. My priorities get screwed up very easily. I do too much living in the present and not enough thinking about the consequences of my actions.

While I am at the top of the chart of the BMI scale (“you’re obese!!” as the wii fit proclaims), I ‘ve always considered myself pretty healthy. I dont have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, I dont have any joint or back problems. I can’t say that I thought of myself as indestructible, but I never really thought my eating habits would cause any other issues besides “just” being fat.

Recently I’ve been having constant stomach pains and occasionally I’ve had difficultly swallowing food. I talked to my dr. and he recommended getting off caffeine, carbonation, chocolate, spicy food, alcohol etc.. and to see what happens. So here I am on day 3 of none of the above. My stomach still hurts, not terribly, its a dull pain. When I’m busy at work I can easily forget about it. When I’m home, I just want to eat. Its like my brain interprets any signal from my stomach as hunger. Its awesome.

So back to my point, I need to make time to work on my health. I need to set my priorities that put my health right up there around the top.

On an exercise note, I did the bob greene dvd.. once. I did have to run to class the other day since I was help up at work late, so I jogged the .6 miles in my work clothes and back pack. People tend to take notice a 300lb guy barreling down the sidewalk, its always fun to look at their faces.

Now, more than before, I need to work on making time for exercise and eating properly. There is more riding on it then I ever truly considered.