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Also, it was the end of Week 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme.  Since first starting Chalean Extreme I realized that my posts could all sound the same, so, I’m just going to keep you updated here and there until I move into the next phase.  Here we go with my confessions:
1.  I finished Week 2 of […]

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I took yesterday as a Rest Day from Chalean Extreme.  I did do a little bit of exercise; wanna know what it is???  I can’t tell you what it is yet.  Stay tuned!!!   ;o)
Today, was back to Burn Circuit 2.  In case you’ve forgotten, this is the work out that focuses on biceps and triceps […]

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First, let’s talk about ChaLEAN Extreme.  Early this afternoon, I noticed that my hamstrings were SORE.  I was super excited about this.  Why?  I never have been sore in my hamstrings.  They’re already really strong, so the fact that I worked them to the point of soreness is an awesome thing!!  (I know, I’m weird.)  […]

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