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++This Giveaway is now closed++ The winners are: Ellen B. (@elliebunny24) Lainie Painie at Healthy Schmealthy Still Mary! Email your snail mail address to christieo at! * * *   Why did the chicken cross the road? TO ESCAPE FROM MY MICROWAVE OF COURSE! I … [Read more…]

Happy Friday!! Be prepared, because I am going to overwhelm you with goodness today! There are so many things going on, and I had to share them with you! First of all, our very own Social Sister Colleen is running in her very first 1/2 marathon this weekend AND she celebrated her ‘One Year Living … [Read more…]

I will preface this recipe by saying I’m a fisherman’s daughter. So I’m quite partial to salmon…FRESH, PACIFIC, WILD CAUGHT SALMON. This recipe though? Calls for canned. Every year at Christmas, my parents give everybody canned salmon, and usually I turn it down. Bad memories from … [Read more…]

I do love me a recipe that is quick, easy, and includes the vegetable in the recipe. Tropical Chicken (Packets) definitely fits the bill. Cook this up and serve it over some brown rice and you are good to go. Now, you’ll see below that the original recipe is actually set up for cooking out on the … [Read more…]

Who likes to eat?!  Raise your hand high in the air.  Anyone on the lookout for a delicious, easy, family-pleasing comfort-type food meal for the Winter?  I whipped up this recipe lickety-split, doubling the recipe to feed our family of five.  It was so good that I wish that I had tripled it because … [Read more…]

I LOVE pico de gallo. With all of my heart. If you haven’t checked out the Pioneer Woman’s Pico de Gallo recipe, you It’s perfect in every way. Plus, it’s so easy you’ll want to slap your mama. I’m serious. Did you know you can put pico (we’ll call it pico for short, m’kay?) on … [Read more…]

This is another recipe from my South Beach cookbook. I made this last week and loved it! It even works for the strict Phase 1 weeks! Source:  The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook. Taste of the Sisterhood is sponsored by Attune Foods! … [Read more…]

Winner winners!  John, Meredith, and Tracy- you are the lucky winners of this giveaway.  Please email your mailing addresses to [email protected] as soon as possible.  Thanks and congrats! I am a V8 convert.  First with the V8 V-Fusion + teas and now with the V8 Low Sodium Spicy Hot … [Read more…]

I should be sending you off with a recipe today that includes some variation of turkey but the truth is, I sent the carcass home with my mom so she could make some turkey soup so today I am featuring a non-turkey-thanksgiving-related recipe! Besides, maybe you’re tired of turkey by now and you’re … [Read more…]

Since I have only been eating low-carb, South Beach-inspired meals lately, I decided to share one of the recipes I tried out this week. Despite the name, it was actually quite good, especially the cheesy parts. ;p Taste of the Sisterhood is sponsored by Attune Foods! Source: The … [Read more…]

One of my favorite things in life is one of the simplest: pizza. But I think I like my own better than the delivery kind and you can try it out for yourself and let me know what you think! The sauce is homemade, you use a yummy premade whole wheat crust, some fresh mozzerella and some fresh basil … [Read more…]

Source: Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook. Taste of the Sisterhood is sponsored by Attune Foods! … [Read more…]

OK, so how are you liking our Taste of the Sisterhood? Are you trying our recipes? What have you made?? What are you dying to try? I tried one this week from one of YOU and I just about died and went to HEAVEN. Thank you for sending me recipes, ya’ll! I’m having fun over here! Have a … [Read more…]

I’m no cook, but I am trying my darndest to step out of my comfort zone in the kitchen. So, this week, I went crazy and cooked fish…THAT WASN’T TILAPIA! I KNOW!!  Go me, right? O.K. Fine. So maybe that’s not that big of a deal to some of you, but to me it’s huge. When I bought the halibut at … [Read more…]

Happy Hump Day! I think that today is a great day for a fiesta! Why? Well, cause it’s cold out (here at least) and I need a pick me up. Plus? I’ve been craving fish tacos. This baby in my belly has a taste for spice, y’all. Let’s get cooking! Taste of the Sisterhood is … [Read more…]