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Hi, friends! It’s been a while since I have touched base with you on a Monday, the day of the week where we share motivation and spread it around a bit. What’s been working for you lately? I was kind of out of the loop for a good three-week stretch or so, thanks to a severe case of poison ivy or … [Read more…]

Awhile ago, I asked you to tell me what you wanted me to write about. One of the questions I got back was this….How has my perspective changed about my body over the years? That my friends, is a very good question because boy, has it changed. A long, long time ago, I weighed 124 pounds. That … [Read more…]

  Hi friends! For those of you who are new to the Sisterhood, one of the weekly features that we have done in the past is called The Thursday Three. I am dustin’ her off for old time’s sake. This is a post where we ask you to list three bullet points on any particular topic. Today’s topic happens … [Read more…]

Need a little motivation to keep you going? We all need a little push to stay strong and motivated so that’s what Monday is going to be all about today! It’s Sunday afternoon and instead of my typical habit of waiting till 10 P.M. to start writing my post for the next morning I decided to get … [Read more…]

2014…the beginning of another year of trying to accomplish our fitness and health goals. We can do it. We really can. We just have to want it bad enough. We have to want to stop stuffing our faces with chips and cookies and french fries. We have to want to exercise. We have to want it all. … [Read more…]

It’s that time of year: The holidays have passed and resolutions to improve your health, your relationships, your finances, your body, your job have begun. If you’re one of the many who begin the New Year with admirable, passionate resolutions that soon fade away under the weight of daily … [Read more…]

Hello, hello! This is my first post for the ‘Hood for 2014 and my first chance to officially wish you all a Happy New Year! A special welcome to our new followers who have found their way to the best place on the ‘net for information, motivation and support as well all try to kick some pounds to the … [Read more…]

   “What is the ‘hood? Why do you like the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans? Why should I join? What does it cost? Why do you love it so much?” These are just a few of the questions I have received from a few of my friends recently. Today, I’m going to attempt to provide answers to these … [Read more…]

Like many people, I used to struggle with weight issues and skin problems. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, my complexion was a mess, my energy was sporadic, and my mood was all over the map. Sound familiar? Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the foods I was eating were wrecking havoc … [Read more…]

So….there are four days left in 2013. It’s that time of year when we reassess what we’ve done this year and what we will change next year. Every year, I set the same goal as the year before. I will lose weight and get in shape. Every year, I get a little closer to that goal. I’ve kind of … [Read more…]

We are at the time of the year when everyone is taking pictures all the time. If you are anything like me, you are the one taking the pictures. Rarely, if ever, am I the one in front of the camera. Actually, I should say “was I”. I had every excuse known to man for why I couldn’t be in the … [Read more…]

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” -Mark Twain- Getting healthy is all about knowledge. Yes, there’s conflicting advice and yes, it takes time and patience to change old habits, but reading up on the latest information and insight into nutrition and holistic … [Read more…]

Hi everyone!  I wanted to introduce you all to a friend of mine.  Laura and I worked together for many years and we still keep in touch through Facebook and the like.  She is super encouraging and motivational, plus Laura has done something so many of you are doing – changing her lifestyle and … [Read more…]

For many of us, Sundays are a day of rest. Maybe for you, that means going to church, spending some down time with your friends and family, having a day “off” from any kind of schedule whatsoever or gearing up for the week ahead. It might also  mean a rest day and a break from our workout or … [Read more…]

  Are you like me and asking yourself how it could be December already? I know my mom used to tell me the months and years go by faster as you get older and I never really understood what she meant by that, but now I totally understand!! This year has flown by with such speed I can barely … [Read more…]