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Hello, dear Shrinkers! How is everyone? It’s Tuesday, which means it’s the time of the week where we want to hear you boast about your victories. Toot that horn! It need not be anything big or ‘grand.’ Any achievement, positive step in the right direction is toot-worthy! I have to admit, I have … [Read more…]

!   I was looking for ideas for today’s post and noticed a pretty prevalent theme: How do I recover from falling off the wagon? How do I get back on track after a bad week? How do I stop beating myself up for eating three desserts instead of just a small bite of one? The answer comes … [Read more…]

    Here at the Sisterhood we are all about giving back because we know how it’s the right thing to do. That’s the reason this site was created in the beginning; to give back and create a network of others to give back to, in regards to what we have learned or are learning to help … [Read more…]

Gooood morning, Shrinkers! Today is not just any ordinary Wednesday check-in. Today is the kick-off for our Back to Basics Weight Loss Challenge. Don’t you just love a fresh start? I sure do! Christy’s post spells out all the details on what you need to know. Like it says in the name of this … [Read more…]

Emotional eating is a topic that comes up frequently when talking about eating habits. Whether it’s related to stress, heartbreak, anxiety or boredom, many times we overeat to help distract us from emotional pain. We overeat, when in truth, we’re not actually hungry at all. We are lonely. Or angry. … [Read more…]

  I was reminded this week of just how short life really is, when a dear friend’s mom passed away. This mom was always around for big events and supported the things my friend enjoys. She did things that made her happy which made life something to enjoy.  This made me think about how many … [Read more…]

Hi friends! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday, the day of the week where we boast boast boast about ourselves without shame or a drop of conceit! Let’s hear from you. I am CERTAIN that you have something to toot your horn about it, big or small!  So let’s here it. How did you all do over the holiday … [Read more…]

TGIF dear shrinkers! This TGIF is extra lovely due to it starting off a long weekend for most of us.  Long weekends can even be seen as a secret weapon on your weight loss journey. Here’s why: You have an entire extra day to plan, and cook,  healthy meals for the week ahead. You have a chance … [Read more…]