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Dear Sisters,

I would like to run a 5k with you.


Christie O.

The end.

That’s my letter to all of you. Remember how Lisa posted this little thing about a 5k a couple weeks ago? The EA Sports Active people want us to train for a 5k and they’re giving us 4 weeks AND a training plan to do it! So real quick, go over to and plug in the date of November 7th or November 8th and find one! Because TRAINING STARTS MONDAY! MOVE IT, MOVE IT MOVE IT! Ok, I promise that’s my excited voice, not my drill sergeant voice.

My 5k in my area is on November 8th, which coincides with WORLD RUN DAY! There’s nothing better than having a goal. Except of course, having two goals! Running (virtually) with the sisters AND running on World Run Day!

Now, however, you must note that you do not have to have done anything EA Sports-related, you don’t even have to OWN EA Sports Active if you don’t want to or can’t or whatever reason in the world. Because you can still use the training plan!

EA Active has been searching for community leaders to, well, lead their communities into running the 5k, and you may already have one in your area and if you want you can look here. If not, please run anyway! We want to run with you, virtually! Map out a 5k, and run it if there’s no run already scheduled, it’s that easy! But please don’t forget the pictures!!!! We want pictures here!!! That’s what makes it so fun and so virtual!!

I will be taking pictures throughout my own training and sharing pictures of race day and encourage everyone who joins in to do the same! !

But Christie, where on earth do I find this training program???

Well, you, that’s easy! EA Sports is offering a special 4 week program just for you!!! It is right here: (training program.) It’s a similar concept to the Couch to 5k (which I have done — only this one is shorter) where you build up to running the 5k straight OR you can choose the other plan, to walk/slash/run the 5k, it’s up to you!

Sidebar information: You will notice on the plan that there are days marked EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, which you can do, or if you don’t own it you don’t have to. (I do highly recommend it, however, if you already have a Wii, these are some really fun, butt-kicking workouts and you can get it on sale on Amazon.) Should you choose not to do the EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, any weight-lifting or crosstraining will do. Trust me on that. If you’re doing this for weightloss, you will need to add some weights in on the off days anyway. I found out the hard way that running alone wouldn’t cut it.

And EA Sports will send us all tee-shirts to wear on run day!! There are groups across the country doing this, it’s bigger than the Sisterhood, millions of people will be running on World Run Day, so the question is, will you be one of them?  I hope you answered “yes” because training starts Monday!

Is your head about to explode with all of this information? If so, let’s recap.

1. Find a 5k to do in your area or a community leader who has already scheduled one OR map out your own 5k, weekend of November 7-8. (November 8th being World Run Day.)

2. Schedule your runs/workouts using this (swap out weight training for EA Sports days if you don’t have EA Sports Active) for the next 4 weeks.

3. If you already have a 5k planned for the vicinity of that date, SWEET! Still proceed to step 4.

4. Sign up with EA Sports so you can get a cool t-shirt for run day (and yes, we will all be wearing OURS so you HAVE TO TOO!)

5. Take lots and lots of pictures of training for your 1st or 2nd or 5th 5k whatever it is! And lots more pictures on Race Day!

6. Someone mentioned (I’m not saying who Brooke) that they won’t get a shirt because they don’t have a Wii or the game but THAT’S NOT TRUE! All you have to do is do a 5k! And technically speaking, it just has to be within October 17th and November 15th! We picked November 8th arbitrarily and because it is World Run Day.  

We cool?

So, you wanna? If you need a jumpstart, this is it right here. One lonely 5k led me to triathlons, so you really never ever know where a 5k will lead you. I promise, if nothing else, you will be so freakin’ proud of yourself for crossing the finish line because, if you’re like me, you never thought you could.

But you can. I know you can.

Are you in?