June TuneUp – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I am guessing that many of you have lots of things to toot your horns about this week. With the end of the June Tune Up challenge behind us, who has weight losses to toot about? I bet there are race results to be proud of too. I had a small loss of 4.1 pounds, […]

Good morning, shrinkers! I know, I know. I’m a little behind on posting the results. I apologize! I have a good excuse though – we brought a very adorable little baby into our household last week -our first foster child! I’m trying to adjust to having FIVE kids. Oh my! We have had amazing progress […]

Happy June 30th!! Can you believe we’ve reached the last day of our June Tune-Up Challenge? Yeah, me either. It flew by, and luckily it took a few pounds with it! So how about you? Did you Tune-Up and Tone-Up with us? Check-in below with your team’s final weight! If you blog, then write up […]

Hello, hello! Summer is shrinking away right before our eyes – and hopefully you are, too! Don’t forget the final check-in for our June Tune-Up Challenge is on Saturday, June 30th! Each week we are randomly selecting a team who checks in on time, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card for $10. […]

Holy cow! Can you believe it’s already nearing the end of June. Oh wait, your’re on summer break and you’ve not looked at the calendar in weeks? I’m SO sorry to have to slap you back in to reality. *sarcasm* Anyway, go get on the scale, weigh in, and let us know how kick ass […]

Good afternoon, June Tune-Uppers! I am amazed at the numbers this week! You are seriously kicking ass at tuning up! I’m so proud! Each week we’ll randomly select a team, who checks in, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card for $10. This week our winning team is: Hawkeye! Congrats, Michal and Matthew! […]

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! How did your week with the weight loss challenge go? Are you keeping in contact with your partner? Are you keeping yourself accountable for your actions? WEIGH IN It’s that time of the week when we check out how we did. Go jump on the scale and write that number […]

We’re two weeks into the challenge and everyone is kicking ass! I’m so proud of each and every one of you. Keep up the good work! Each week we’ll randomly select a team, who checks in, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card. This week our winners are: Chocoholics Anonymous Congratulations Kristin and […]

Good morning shrinkers and shrinkettes…or whatever! Can you believe the second week of the June Tune-Up has come to an end? We sure hope your end is getting smaller *rimshot*! WEIGH-IN So let’s get to it. Jump on the scale, swing your partner, do si do, and fill out the check-in form below. Damn I’m […]

We only had 5 days of shrinking, but holy cow, everyone is off with a bang! These numbers are outstanding! Keep up the great work, challengers! First off, the team randomly selected for this week’s prize of either a $10 iTunes or Amazon gift card is: TEAM AWESOME! Ruth Ann H and Lynn U, congrats! […]

Good morning, ladies and gents! How did the first week of the weight loss challenge go? Are you finding support in your buddy? Staying accountable? Kicking ass and taking names? Speaking of names, I have to tell you that I was pretty much rolling when reading the team names you came up with! They are […]

Happy June 1st, and welcome to the Tune-Up June Challenge! If you’re not familiar with our weight loss challenges, you can read more about the on our current challenge page! The June Tune-Up challenge will run for one month and is a partner challenge. That means you’ll need a partner to participate. It can be […]