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We are halfway done with our Spring Fling Team Challenge! Can you believe it? I love seeing all these percentages add up! Unbelievable! Team G4 has been a force to be reckoned with since the very beginning, will they hang on to their lead this week or will another team rise to the top? Are […]

I wanted to do some sharing this morning, some things that you may not know about the lot of us and some things that happened at Fitbloggin 10 (a conference aimed at gathering health bloggers all in one place that many of us went to over the weekend.) 1.  On Friday, the day I could not […]

It’s Wednesday! The infamous day of the week where we all grudgingly drag our butts to the scale! For once, I am not dreading the scale and hope you are feeling the same way! We are halfway done with the Spring Fling challenge! HALFWAY! Time has been flying by! Our big team Bash is coming […]

Another week has come and gone and it’s time to see which team kicked their shrinking up a notch! Last week, Team G4 jumped into the lead. Will they remain number one this week or will another team step up and kick them out? Here are the cumulative results: G4      2.43% Weight Loss Warriors      1.97% […]

HOLY COW! Sorry about that folks. Seems like we fell down on the job this morning and forgot to get the weigh in post up 🙂 Really we were just giving you a few extra minutes to get your weigh in posts, written! Go jump on your scales and tell us how you did this […]

Another week has come and gone and it’s time to see which team kicked their shrinking up a notch! Last week, The Weight Loss Warriors took the early lead. Will they remain number one this week or will another team step up and steal the throne? Here are the cumulative results: G4      1.70% Weight Loss […]

Calling all Teams of Shrinkers!!!! It’s time!! Weigh-in Day is upon us! How did you all do this week? Did you keep up the momentum? Are you loving this group thing or what??!! Well wait no longer, go on, hop on those scales, weigh-in, post about it, link up here in the comments below. Now make sure […]

We’ve been playing along with the Monday Project since the first week of January here at the Sisterhood and that means we are in WEEK 10 of Monday Projects! Wow!! We’ve had a lot of awesomeness come out of them, too, with some pretty memorable projects and a lot of soul-searching along the way. There was […]

This week’s Monday Project was to take a look at what things would be like if you postponed this little thing called a weightloss journey. If instead of being on it right now, what if you had waited? Stayed complacent? And instead, started in, say, two years from now, what would that be like for you?  […]

It’s time! Time for our very first Spring Fling Team Challenge Leaderboard! Which team will come out on top? We’ve been busy analyzing all your hard work, mixed in a bit of subtracting and a dose of dividing, and our calculations show… Weight Loss Warriors      -1.09% Hood Mamas      -1.08% Team Fabulous      -0.92% Completely Committed Chicks      […]

Good morning! Have you had your breakfast this morning?? If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!  No, it’s not me yelling at you, it’s them. You know the ones. The ones we refer to when saying “They say you should eat your breakfast!”  Whoever “they” are. The really smart people who do all those […]

The first week of the Spring Fling Challenge has flown by! It’s time to see if all our hard work is paying off. Are you enjoying getting to know your teams? The ‘hood has been bustling with activity this week! Wow! We are up to FIFTEEN teams so far! I love seeing all the creative […]

If you’re new to the Sisterhood, you’re probably asking, what’s a Tworkout? Well, a Tworkout is a kick ass workout that April and I like to yell at you through your computer, via Twitter. We tweet a last chance tworkout from @shrinkingjeans every Tuesday night, during the Biggest Loser. That’s 8 pm Central Time, and […]

I see a lot of new faces around here (HURRAH!!!) so to recap what The Monday Project is, each week we have a “project” or a “question” that helps you renew your motivation and/or reflect upon yourself. You have the whole week to do it and we link up our “answers” or “projects” on Fridays. […]

Welcome to the Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge! For the next 8 weeks, this challenge is going to be all about unearthing our inner winners. Not only do we want to see you Shrink, but we want to see you Fling yourself into fitness! Through Teams, Monday Projects, and Fitness Challenges, there will be plenty of […]