Spring Into Action – 2/2 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Congratulations to everyone for such an amazing week! I am so proud of each and everyone of you for taking this challenge so seriously! And now for the leaderboard! Top 10 Shrinking Buds* 3.69%    Beach Bound Beauties   Priscilla & Chuck 3.60%    Drop it Like it’s Hot    Amy A & Mary H 2.97%    Mommy McFatties […]

Okay shrinkers (and maintainers)! It’s time to get out the old scales and see how you did in week 3. Wow…did I just say week 3? How is it that this challenge is going by so fast? It seems like I just hooked up with Christy to be my partner. How’s it going for you […]

We’ve come to the end of week 2 in the Spring In2 Action Challenge! How are you doing? If you’re on Spring Break like me, you’re feeling a little lost. My kids are out of school this week, I have family visiting, and we are totally off of any kind of routine. SO FUN, but […]

Good morning shrinkers and pushuppers! We have completed our 2nd week of the Spring in2 Action challenge! How are you doing? Are you staying on track with your goals? Take a look at the weekly re-cap and make sure you didn’t miss anything! We are getting to know all the new (and old) faces around […]

We made it through week 1! Are you springing into action? Revamping your eating and exercise? Renewing your goals? We hope so! This week we had some great losses from all of our Bud teams, and I’m not even going to get into the team names! LOVE THEM. All of you are so creative. We […]

It’s Wednesday and I don’t get to officially check in (just give me three-ish more months, I’ll be right back here. If I’m not, hunt me down and slap my face). But YOU get to check in. So that’s what  you are going to do. Yes, I’m bossy. It’s for your own good. (Can you […]

I am doing the 100 push up challenge. I did my initial test and guess who couldn’t do one military push up? Yep, that would be me. Not one stinking military push up!! I was totally ticked off. I have been working out faithfully for a few months now. Why can’t I do one military […]

WELCOME to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! If you’re new around these parts, we are so happy you’re here! What is Spring In2 Action? It’s our newest online, group weight-loss and fitness challenge! If you haven’t already registered for the challenge you can go HERE to take care of that. This challenge is a […]

Are your jeans too tight? Well look no further, because next Wednesday, March 2nd, we’re kicking off a brand new weight-loss and fitness challenge here at the Sisterhood! Here are some of the details you’ll need know before we get started: Challenge dates: March 2nd – April 13th (a total of 6 weeks) Pair up […]