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  The Free Dictionary says, to “throw down the gauntlet” means: to invite someone to argue, fight, or compete with you The other day I posted on Facebook about the possibility of dropping sugar from my diet (and dealing with my severe cravings with coconut oil) like this lady did and the result of that […]

Hello, hello! This is my first post for the ‘Hood for 2014 and my first chance to officially wish you all a Happy New Year! A special welcome to our new followers who have found their way to the best place on the ‘net for information, motivation and support as well all try to kick some […]

Hello Shrinkers one and all! Not only is it time to hop on the scale buck nekkid to see what’s what for Week 2 of our weight loss challenge, but it is also the day before Thanksgiving! We will get to that in a minute. First things first. How are you doing with the challenge? […]

Athletes and non-athletes alike need proper fuel when it comes to improving the intensity and results of their workouts. Foods that require lots of digestion weigh you down, sap your energy, and leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued. Fresh, clean foods provide your body with the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed to get fit […]

The CDC reports that more than 33% of Americans are overweight or obese. That number is high and getting higher daily. The reason(s) for this include a number of contributing factors, but one thing remains the same: You need to eat healthy and eat clean if you want to lose weight, feel great, and live […]

Hi there, friends! How is everyone’s summer going? Have you gone on vacation yet? I have recently returned from the land of lobster rolls, fried clams and chowder chowdah – also known as Cape Cod. As a result, I want to talk about keeping your goals afloat while you are on vacation- something I did […]

It’s Halloween and if you’ve got kids, it means your little ghosts and goblins are probably getting all dressed up tonight and will return with a ridiculous amount of candy. Sugar is the last thing I want my kids to have in unlimited supply…so I’ve got to be mean mommy and confiscate most of the […]

Every once in a while, I’ll try to think back to when I was in heavy duty weight loss mode (I’m currently maintaining/not weighing). What things was I doing then that can help me overcome obstacles now? I started doing this again a few weeks ago because of three bad habits that were sneaking their […]

Cheating! I’m a cheater and I am confessing this to you. I have cheated with food. Sometimes it’s as innocent as the fun size Butterfinger candy bar I am nibbling on while I write this post. Other times it could be a full out pig fest. Maybe a philly steak sandwich with waffle fries, three […]

I don’t have a recipe for today. Instead, I would like to share with you something that I have recently learned. Some of you may already know this. Especially if you’re a vegan. If so, I am sorry, but some of you may find this helpful. And you may can help me! Recently we learned […]

OK. Let’s have a little chat, shall we? Today I want to talk about one of the basic food groups: NACHOS. (Stick with me here.) I have always, always given myself one meal of whatever I want per week. Even when I was being as strict as you can possibly imagine on calories, I set […]

Tis, the holiday season, and odds are, you have lots of holiday parties and events planned, right? If you’re really focusing on weight loss, you’re also probably worried about stuffing yourself with all kinds of holiday goodness.  You’re afraid that you’ll undo all of the hard work that you have done by indulging in all […]

Start drinking extra water right now. Yes, now. Right this very minute in fact. Go fill up and I’ll be here when you get back. Wake up on Thursday morning and get out of the house. First thing! You’ve got to get up early to get the turkey in the oven anyway, so set that […]

Have you ever tried chicken sausage? It’s fantastic. I never even knew it existed until I began the journey into calorie-counting and I found it as an ingredient for something on Spark People. Its whereabouts in the grocery store perplexed me so I wandered around looking for it and found it above the breakfast sausage […]

Good morning, everyone! How was your week this week? Did you stick it to that scale? Did it give you the business this morning? Go ahead, weigh in, post about it and leave your link in the comments! Or you can just weigh in below. Either way, tell us what happened this week! And seriously, tell […]