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Bread. Not the first thing I usually reach for when I’m eating healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I love bread. I adore it. But for as long as I can remember it’s been a diet no-no. When did bread become the devil, anyway? Honestly, bread can and should be part of a balanced diet. But the […]

Pizza. I absolutely adore pizza. I could eat it at least every other day. Okay. Every single day. Ahem. In theory, pizza could be a pretty healthy food. Grains (the crust), dairy (cheese) and veggies. But *that* pizza? It’s something I talk about, then I end up eating a greasy slice of pepperoni and olive. […]

I swore to myself that I would not ever buy another “diet” book. I knew what was the right way to lose weight. I knew that exercise was an important part of weight loss. I knew that there was no quicky way to get the job done. I knew that I had to do the […]

In case you  haven’t heard, Chobani just introduced some awesome new flavors!  From left to right, we’ve got Apple Cinnamon, Blood Orange, and Passion Fruit.  These flavors are so new, you may not have seen them in your local store yet, but keep your eyes open because they should be there SOON! I was fortunate […]

Oh, it’s the very last day of 2011. I can’t believe it’s here! We all wonder what is on the horizon for us in 2012. When we look back next year, what will have happened? I ask myself before the start of every year. But all I can say to you today is that we […]

I’ve been in a major slump. I mean major. In all aspects of my life, it’s been a hard year, and I am ready to close the books on 2011 for good. With all the curveballs thrown my way this year, I lost site of me: my health, my fitness, my well-being. This is definitely […]

When I was first approached to review Gaiam TV, the first thing that came to my mind was yoga. The prospect of reviewing anything yoga related made me pretty excited. I love yoga. I mean, I really LOVE yoga. Unfortunately, the crazy that surrounds my life doesn’t allow me to attend my beloved hot yoga […]

I was doing the weekly grocery shopping I hate grocery shopping and came upon these new cookies. They are called WhoNu? nutrition rich cookies. I was pretty skeptical. How could cookies be nutrition rich and still be good? I decided the only way to find out was to buy some and give them a try. […]

Updated:  Winner winner- Kristin>OneCrazyMamaof4, please forward your address to [email protected] so that gift card can get mailed out to you.  Congrats! I run. I bike. I swim. I go the gym. I exercise a lot. Away from home. You hear about things happening to people when they are out and about, something requiring medical attention […]

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a publicist touting this book: Stress Less, Weigh Less. Normally I read and then delete 90% of those emails because they don’t apply to this site, or they don’t mesh with my thoughts on leading a healthy lifestyle. But I was intrigued about this book, Stress […]

I try really hard not to pick up ‘fast food’ very often, but as a mom of two young children, I have to be honest…there are days when the only way we’re all getting fed is if I grab something quick. Thankfully, for those days, I have Subway. Subway has been my go-to for fast, […]

We have a winner. It is #17 ConvertingMe! Please email me [email protected] so we can get your prize off to you. Congratulations. Today is August 6 and that doesn’t make me very happy. It means I’m in the final weeks of my summer vacation from school. My staff meeting is August 18 and once I’m […]

UPDATE — I’d likely to congratulate Adah and Brookefor being the two winners. Congratulations, ladies!! If I could target any one part of my body to tone up overnight, it would definitely be my abs and core. But honestly, I cannot stand resistance work. I don’t do it nearly often enough, and the idea of […]

I’m taking a review of sorts, a review of me.  You see, I have become complacent these last few months, especially the last month.  There has been a beach vacation and then a lake vacation and lots of Summer activities.  I have the three kiddos home with me and my husband has been traveling for […]

So today is supposed to be review it Saturday and I don’t have anything to review, at least not with any authority. I have some new things I’ve purchased recently like a pair of Aqua Sphere Vista swim goggles but I’ve only used them once. I have a new cycling helmet I’ve had a few […]