Review – 4/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


UPDATED: The winner of the Simply Salads Cookbook is lucky #11-  Mel, themelodramatic!  Congrats Mel, please email your contact info to to [email protected]. Most of ya’ll know that I love to cook.  I also love to eat.  This appears to be a win-win situation.  Well, except for the fact that now I need Shrinking Jeans […]

Drumroll please… The winner of the first giveaway of our Shrink-A-Versary is… Audrey over at The Lewis 4!! Congratulations, Audrey! Please contact me ([email protected]) with your info and I will put you in contact with Kristen to craft your custom yoga skirt. Whoopee! Thanks to everyone for participating and keep checking back every day this […]

After Baby #2, I joined a gym and for the first time in my life, actually USED my membership.  You guys KNOW what I am talking about.  I invested some serious cash in hiring a personal trainer to teach me the proper form of strength training.  I met with her once a week for 10 […]

I hail from a moderately sized city, nestled between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle – Bellingham, Washington. I lived there most of my life until my recent move to the Seattle area, and while I was in Bellingham, I became familiar with a fabulous company called Baker’s Breakfast Cookies – now known as Erin Baker’s Wholesome […]

This is one of my new favorite beers! I am usually a BudLight Lime type of girl, or my other fave -Michelob Ultra Orange Tuscan Grapefruit. I saw an advertisement for MGD Light 64 and was like, NO WAY! Only 64 calories and 2.4 carbs? For that, I will give it a try. And guess […]

Worst Candy TWIX (1 pckg) 280 calories, 27 g sugars, 14 g fat (11 g sat.) Saturated Fat Equivalent: 11 strips of bacon Eat This Instead: 100 GRAND (1 pckg) 190 calories, 22 g sugars, 8 g fat ( 5 g saturated) Source:  Eat This, Not That!

Helllloooo? Echo… Echo… Is this thing on? Tap, tap. Things seem to be awfully… vacant… around here today. Liven’ up people! It’s Friday! TRAIL MIX, DRIED FRUIT, AND MIXED NUTS Eat This! Sunsweet Pitted Prunes – 100 cal, 0 g fat, 12 g sugar, 3 g fiber – Per gram, prunes provide ewer calories, more […]

Do y’all remember when Crooked Eyebrow posted a review on Eat This Not That, The Supermarket Survival Guide? I picked up the book while we were on vacation, and let me just say it is SO VERY INTERESTING. There are some complete shockers in there! I thought I would share some of the information to […]

Yesterday, Lisa outlined the Weight Watchers plan, and today I’m going to outline the South Beach Diet for you. Now to be honest, I’ve never used the South Beach plan to lose weight. I’m a half-assed Weight Watchers girl. But Weight Watchers is what I know, what I’m comfortable with, it’s ingrained into my brain. […]

Are you like me and wonder how the heck different diet plans work?  What is “South Beach”?   Counting Calories- what is that?  How do I “Eat Right For MY Type”?  And what about my favorite- what exactly is Weight Watchers and how does it work? Look for posts this week discussing various diet plans- the in’s and out’s, […]

During the week at work, finding time to take a lunch is often difficult. I  often found myself eating on the go out of “not so nutritious” vending machines and feeling hungry and horrible in just a sew short hours. My body was not getting the nutrition it needed at work. Snacks loaded with sugar,fats […]

If you’re an online Weight Watcher (and you’ve logged in recently!), you might have noticed some changes. WW has a new plan called Momentum. It seems they’ve done away with the Flex and Core plans, and come up with a new option that’s the best of both worlds. Something new and fabulous. Something that’s sure […]