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Five winners have been randomly chosen!!! Look in the comments below to see if you are one of the lucky five! If you are, make sure you email me right away with your mailing address! Congrats!! We all know I’m a fan of work out videos.  The majority of my weight loss has come from […]

Usually, I do really well at controlling my sweet tooth.  I can go weeks without touching sweets.  And then there are certain times (of the month) when I crave sweets.  Specifically, ice cream. So this last certain time when I was craving ice cream I happened to be in Target. (Not Super Target, just regular […]

**Originally posted by Crooked Eyebrow, January 2009** I am a huge English muffin fan. Whether we use them for homemade egg sandwiches or just for a light breakfast.  Since I started to watch points and what I am eating, I almost felt like I was “wasting” points on bread. I don’t know about you, but […]

Since we tend to plan ahead here at the Sisterhood, I knew we were going to start a running challenge early in September. This gave me the opportunity to  ask for a few key items for my birthday! An iPod Nano (5th Generation) and Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. Nike+ iPod Sport Kit ($29.99) is a […]

I hate shoes. More accurately, I hate shoe shopping. My feet are big.  They are an odd size that isn’t normally carried on store shelves. I also have very narrow heels. When I started taking up running (which was actually several years ago…this is just the latest incarnation), I knew that I needed to get […]

So sorry that I didn’t get a winner for the Fiber One Yogurt Gift Basket picked sooner. It completely slipped my mind!! Using to generate a number, I came up with #3, which is Margie D.! Her comment about her favorite yogurt: My favorite yogurt is Yoplait light vanilla. It is yummy just by […]

I don’t like diets. I don’t like the word diet. What diet actually means is “whatever you’re eating” anyway. Yes, does have one of its meanings listed as something to do with losing weight, but let’s pretend we didn’t just go over and look at that. Besides, that’s like 2 definitions down. Let’s stick […]

.!. I have to warn you, Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, from General Mills, are addicting. Very, very addicting. So much so, I was half-tempted to hide them from my children and husband (because I do that sometimes, especially with all things chocolate, because when I want to indulge a little, I want my indulgence […]

Cookies, Brownies & Granola – OH MY! So, if you still haven’t gone over and checked out the offerings at Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods, do it! You won’t be sorry! You can also order Baker’s products from Amazon, which has free shipping over $25. Good stuff! By the way, I never told MY favorite…well, […]

I had the opportunity to try these WW brownies recently and found them to be quite good! Perfect for when you are having a chocolate craving, but don’t want to chow down a whole plate of brownies! Not that we would EVER do that, right? They count as 2 Weight Watcher points each and are […]

.!. When I cook, I try to substitute lower fat options where I can.  Some I win (meaning the taste of the food is not affected, in my opinion) and some I lose (meaning the taste of the dish is affected and I should have stuck with what the recipe called for).  As ya’ll already […]

One of my favorite workout clothing companies, BornFit, is the featured giveaway today for one of my favorite magazines, Women’s Health!! You can enter to win BornFit’s Sunlight Tee and Wilder Skort. Go check it out and enter! For more information, click here.

As I was browsing the food aisles, I spotted Smartfood popcorn clusters. The chocolate cookie caramel pecan variety had me at hello. Seriously. These are SO GOOD. One little bag can definitely satisfy my sweet tooth. It tastes so, so, naughty… but the nutritional info speaks for itself! One package contains: Calories:  120 Fat:  2 […]

Can something this good only have 110 calories, no fat, and 7 grams of fiber per serving? The answer is YES it can. Meet The Alternative Bagel. And because these little babies pack such a punch of fiber, they’re only 1 Weight Watchers Point! How amazing is that? I don’t know about you, but I’m […]

Hey guys!  I was in the grocery store the other day and there was a sale on Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Chewy Bars (plus I had a coupon- yippee!).  I had heard good things about these bars and I decided to give them a try. OK, seriously.  They were delicious and I wanted to eat the […]