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Updated: Congratulations to Deanna6!  I didn’t see an e-mail for you so I went ahead and tracked you down on Twitter. Tweet, Tweet! I love breakfast foods. Like, a lot. I think if given the opportunity, I would eat breakfast foods every single meal of the day. What can I say? I’m a Carbs Girl!

That’s why I […]

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**HEATHER S. is the winner of the gift pack from Progresso! Thanks to everyone who entered!”
Who doesn’t love soup? Especially in the winter, when it’s cold and windy, and maybe even snowy. Soups warm the soul, and can be very good for you, especially when they’re packed with yummy vegetables, and not packed with calories […]

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**Look down below to see the winner!**

Let me just say this right out of the gate — I love the line of snacks made by Pirate Brands. LOVE. They offer Pirate’s Booty, Original Tings, and Smart Puffs. The snacks are all-natural, gluten-free, and offer certain products that are vegan-friendly as well. Remember puffcorn? Well, Pirate’s […]

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HOLLA Sisters (and brothers)! Good Weigh-in Wednesday morning! We’re so happy to see you beautiful, shining face (and your bed-head)! You know the drill!

Run, don’t walk, to your scales right now! Strip down, pee, and jump on. Did the number go down? Did it stay the same? Go up (ugh)? No matter what the number did, […]

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*Updated! Check the end of the comments for the winner. Thanks to all who participated!
If you’ve been on the Weight Watchers forums, or read Hungry Girl, you’ve more than likely run across a lot of talk about VitaTops.  Personally, I’d heard a lot but had never tried Vita Tops or any of the Vitalicious. And […]

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Winners have been chosen! See the comments below to see if you’re one of the lucky 5!!

Ahhhhh. Bob Greene. I can see why Oprah loves him so much. He’s cute, has a nice, encouraging voice, doesn’t cuss or yell at you, he’s thorough in his instructions, AND he looks good in a tight t-shirt. Plus, […]

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It’s Wednesday, folks!  What are you waiting for??  Go jump on the scale! How did Week 2 go for you?? Did you get what you expected? Do your results match what you put into this week?  Tell us all about how it went!! Leave your results and/or blog post link in our comments.

If you are just […]

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**Winners are announced below! Congrats! Please send an email to:  [email protected] with your contact info within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected!**
Are you a snacker like me?  Like the crunch of something yummy?  How about the combination of sweet and spicy?  These simple pretzels will satisfy any snack craving, especially mine.

Spiced Honey […]

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***Winners have been picked! Check the comments below to see if you’re one of the lucky girls ***

Have you ever heard of Salba? I know that I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. Salba is an amazing little grain, when added to your everyday foods, can boost your intake of Omega-3s and so many more […]

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**WINNERS have been chosen! See below in the comments! Send your address to [email protected] to claim your giftcard!**

We first told you about The Healthy Pantry during our Shrink-a-Versary Extravaganza month of giveaways. Melissa was sent a gift pack of products to try, and I was so intrigued by their concept (HELLO, quick 10-minute healthy meals […]

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**The grand prize goes to Laura (mommyp)! Congrats, girl!**

Weight Watchers gave to you:

The grand prize 12 Days of Weight Watchers Giveaways winner will receive one of each of the following: Package of Pecan Crowns Giant fudge bars String cheese snack pack Low fat yogurt cup Cheddar Cheese slices Chocolate Muffins Yogurt four-pack Golden Sponge Cakes Cream cheese tub Chocolate brownies Mint Patties

A 3-month trial membership to […]

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***The randomly chosen winner is: MENDIE!!!***

Weight Watchers gave to you: A 3-month Membership FREE! That’s right! One lucky winner will get to join Weight Watchers, either in person or online, for three months, completely free!

How to enter:

Leave a comment telling us what you’re planning on doing today!
Start a new discussion in the “general” forum on the […]

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***Winners have been chosen!! If we don’t already have your address, please send it to melissa at shrinkingjeans dot net!***

Weight Watchers gave to you:

2 Mint Patties
If you haven’t had enough chocolate this holiday season, satisfy your sweet tooth (again) with light and refreshing mint patties from Weight Watchers by Whitman’s. Two lucky readers will enjoy […]

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****Winners have been chosen! Congratulations, Sisters!!!******

Weight Watchers gave to you:

4 Cream Cheese Tubs
Love cream cheese on your morning bagel or in your favorite dip recipe? Then you’ll love the new Reduced Fat Whipped Cream Cheese Spread from Weight Watchers. At just 1 POINTS® value per serving, indulgence is back with this creamy, easy-to-spread goodness! With […]

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Winners have been randomly selected! See below in the comments section! If you’re a winner, please email your mailing info to christy at shrinkingjeans dot net!

……Weight Watchers is giving to you:
5 Golden Cakes

Almost as good as golden rings – at least more delicious. The golden sponge cakes, with their creamy filling, make a great addition […]

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    I’m guilty of it and you probably are too. Most women are, in fact.
    What am I talking about? Putting your own health on the back burner to attend to the needs (and, let’s face it, WANTS) of others. There’s laundry to wash, fold, and put away. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners to prepare. Sporting events, rehearsals, […]

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    Makeover Nacho Beef Bake

    Isn’t this a pretty picture?!  I took it : ). Simple, easy, and delicious.  What more could you want from a recipe?  I found it difficult to control myself at one serving- that is how yummy this one is.  Consider yourself forewarned! Makeover Nacho Beef Bake (online here)


    1-1/2 pounds lean ground beef (90% lean)
    1 can (15 ounces) […]

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