MIND IT – 4/49 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s the first Monday of Autumn!! Whooooohoooo!! I LOVE Autumn!! BUT….. I don’t know about y’all but I AM TIRED!! My weekends are getting busier than ever with training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day which is only 53 days AWAY!! I’m training like crazy on the weekends (I walked 33 miles this weekend) and during the […]

Sure, too much sugar can rot your teeth and grow your waistline. But is it “the most dangerous drug” of our time? Yes, at least according to a Dutch public health official. Paul van der Velpen, the head of Amsterdam’s health service, says sugar is an addictive drug that should be “tightly regulated.” “Just like alcohol and […]

True Confessions! Man, why am I doing a True Confessions instead of a Toot Your Horn Tuesday? Let me tell you why. I have done little or nothing to be proud of these last few weeks. My August sucked! I told you that last month in a True Confessions post. I had big plans for […]

It’s the last holiday weekend of the summer. Everyone is busy doing those last minute summer things. Maybe you are at the beach or at a cookout. I’m up in Michigan doing a wine tour. This is sometimes what many people call the end of summer. With the end of summer comes a return to […]

For those of you who follow us writers here at The Sisterhood, my name is Melissa. I’ve been with the SJ crew now for almost nine months and have yet to tell my story. Most writers use their first post to introduce themselves and talk about where they’ve come from, why they’re doing what they’re doing, […]

  It’s been 12 days since our Summer Blowout challenge started here at the ‘hood. How are you holding up? Are you staying on track? Staying motivated? Have you found your groove with exercise? What about food? Are you eating better, getting your veggies and fruits? And the biggie for most people, are you drinking […]

The older I get, the more I appreciate things. I shouldn’t even say things because they aren’t things. It’s not the kind of things you can touch with your hands. It’s the kind of things you can only touch with your heart. Does anyone else keep a gratitude journal? I started journaling (Oprah does it) […]

  Hello there dear friends! How is everyone doing? How did Week 2 of the Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge go? Someone who I know whom shall remain nameless may have forgotten she had signed up for said challenge until it was her time to do a weekly check in post about it! Confession, and […]

Last week, I touched on the issue of muscle soreness after new or difficult workouts, and provided different ways to alleviate the stiffness and discomfort. This week, I’d like to talk about sore muscle’s cousin: muscle cramps (and spasms). If you’re like me, you’ve been there: peacefully dreaming in the middle of the night, when, […]

I have to admit that when Ann brought back the True Confessions post, I laughed. I had already been planning to bring it back this week. I guess great guilty minds think alike. I usually have a very crazy month of May. I lovingly call it the Manic Month of May! Somehow, I have got […]

I started the 28 Day Reset Detox that our resident Shrinking Jeans nutritionist Jodi developed.  What the heck is a detox?  This detox focuses on eliminating all the bad stuff from our bodies and foods known to cause allergies, cleansing the body from toxins and waste.  The focus is on eating lean meats, veggies, fruit, […]

It’s the final countdown! Registration for Eat Clean Health’s Group 7 Day Summer Detox is about to close, so before you miss out on this fantastic whole foods, anti-inflammatory detox program, today is the day to sign up and slim down! Learn how to EAT and LIVE CLEANLY and learn what foods are IRRITATING your […]

Today for Toot Your Horn Tuesday, I am going to show you how you can turn a negative into a positive with just a simple twist of your thought process. Honestly, you can do it. I did just yesterday. Yesterday morning I went out for a walk. I do this most mornings. No big deal, […]

I’ve spent the last two days with family I rarely get to see – most of them live in California, the other all the way across the state. This week, we convened at my grandmother’s house. You guys…my stomach hurts. Not from indigestion. Not from nerves. No. From laughing my face off.  If there is […]

Every year on New Year’s Eve, I sit down and I set some goals for myself. I refuse to make what everyone else calls resolutions. I have had too many years where I have failed at those rotten things and then felt horrible about myself because of it. This year, I set a pretty lofty […]