MIND IT – 6/49 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


No one enjoys making a trip to the doctor. But on this recent visit, there was a little bounce in her step. Yes, she was there due to not feeling well, but she was eager to see the physician, a woman with whom she had talked about her health and fitness journey, as well as […]

Think about something thing you love about yourself physically. Now think about something you’d like to change. Which one came to mind quicker? If I were to bet, I’d put my money on the latter. In the American society and culture, women have an image of what a perfect body is and constantly compare themselves […]

Nutrition is so important in all aspects of our lives.  What we eat has a direct correlation to how we feel, how we look, how well our workouts go, and how we recover from those workouts. I have always wanted to know what I should be eating/drinking pre- and post-workout.  While I have the exercise […]

    It’s Tuesday, and I’m here to toot my horn! I haven’t  tooted in so very long and a big self pat on the back is long overdue. This last month, I’ve made a big commitment to myself and to my body. I’ve been eating clean and detoxing…no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no […]

Back in the latter months of 2008, four wonderful women came up with an idea for a website for women. Women who’s jeans were shrinking. Women who needed some support in their efforts for weight loss and fitness. Women who needed The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!Those four wonderful women were Christy, Melissa, Donya and […]

    Tuesdays are our BragAboutyerBadSelf Days here at The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans. We toot our own horn. Sometimes, as you will read in a bit, it means sharing a story about when the impossible becomes possible. This is also known as sharing  our victories – big and small -with each other. Whether that […]

A few times a week I escape my crazy life (and I do mean crazy) and take a quick, healthy and relaxing trip to the tropics. If you think I’m talking about Fiji, you’re mistaken. And I wish. I’m talking about my local hot yoga studio. It is my release and my refuge. I look […]

Back when I first started the Older Sister series, I promised some challenges. It’s been over three years since we did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Challenge and I think it’s time we older gals showed the younger girls what we are made of. I am in a weight loss and inches lost challenge […]

Hello dear friends! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday which means it is perfectly fine, accepted and encouraged  to talk yourself up, ladies! This is our weekly featured post where we share all the incredible things we have been accomplishing in the last week, big or small. We want to hear ‘em all! I am already […]

Lately I’ve been tackling a lot of problems, making a lot of huge decisions. Sometimes the list of pros and cons make a choice obvious, but sometimes there is no black nor white, just a shmear of gray. What then? I’m learning that sometimes you just have to follow your instincts. One huge decision I’ve […]

Strength. What does it mean to you? Is it physical? Is it mental? Is it both? Think about it. I’ve had it on my mind a lot the last few days. It first came to mind on Thursday morning. It was preschool olympics. A girl I work with and I were filling coolers with ice […]

I think of myself as an average person. A person who is just doing her best to get back in shape after years of neglect for my body. For the first time in a long time, I am serious about making this fitness and exercise journey mean something. I am serious about making it right. […]

I am resurrecting Toot Your Horn Tuesday and I couldn’t be happier. I achieved a major goal last Saturday and I want to share it with you all. Toot, toot!!! In January, I decided that it was time to get serious about my weight loss and fitness journey. I had let myself fall off the […]

We used to have a regular feature here at the ‘Hood called Motivation Monday, with an aim to offer ways of picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and getting back on the horse again. After reading Melissa S.’s inspiring post on this topic, I thought I would share my list of things I turn to […]

For some, it’s turned on full-speed like a kid who has eaten too much sugar and put in a bouncy castle. For others, it’s like a misplaced set of keys – you know you have them, you’re just not sure where. And then for some, it has gone completely AWOL, and merely the faintest memory of it […]