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One of the most frequent questions I get from clients as well as fellow health practitioners is this: What ‘diet’ do you recommend? In short, my answer is this: I don’t. Ever. The dangers of fad diets are so numerous I could dedicate post after post to breaking down the specifics of each one … [Read more…]

(Photo credit: Meet Brooke Birmingham. You may know her already. I feel like I do. I have been following her blog, Brooke Not On A Diet, for quite some time.  She is an amazing inspiration to the thousands of people who follow her blog and her postings on social media. I read … [Read more…]

  Last fall I started hearing about the newest rage in fitness; fitness trackers. There are so many available. Everything from a little device that fits in your pocket (or attaches to your bra/waistband/pocket) to elaborate devices that could track everything about your day. In the beginning … [Read more…]

Food is a deeply intimate and personal experience. Though food is meant to energize and nourish the body, the vast majority of people use food as a coping mechanism for their emotions, leading to all kinds of unhealthy eating habits and struggles. If this sounds familiar, these 6 steps to overcome … [Read more…]

I have decided enough is enough. I have allowed stress to rule my life and I am now saying NO MORE! I am weeding out the parts of my life that are not important to me in an attempt to make time for the parts that are. Or will be. We over-exert ourselves on a daily basis. My stress level has been … [Read more…]

We live in an on-the-go world. Entertainment, work and food are never far out of reach. And when it comes to snacking, that’s not a good thing. Though it may be convenient, pre-packaged snacks are rarely healthy for body or mind. To side-step this this saboteur, keep these deliciously healthy snack … [Read more…]

This past week there has been A LOT of talk about weight loss and the “healthy” way to do it. It made me start thinking about healthy weight loss, so I’m going to share some of the basics or ABC’s of weight loss with you. There are many ways to lose weight and every where you turn there are products … [Read more…]

It’s that time of year: The holidays have passed and resolutions to improve your health, your relationships, your finances, your body, your job have begun. If you’re one of the many who begin the New Year with admirable, passionate resolutions that soon fade away under the weight of daily … [Read more…]

Like many people, I used to struggle with weight issues and skin problems. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, my complexion was a mess, my energy was sporadic, and my mood was all over the map. Sound familiar? Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the foods I was eating were wrecking havoc … [Read more…]

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” -Mark Twain- Getting healthy is all about knowledge. Yes, there’s conflicting advice and yes, it takes time and patience to change old habits, but reading up on the latest information and insight into nutrition and holistic … [Read more…]

Sure, too much sugar can rot your teeth and grow your waistline. But is it “the most dangerous drug” of our time? Yes, at least according to a Dutch public health official. Paul van der Velpen, the head of Amsterdam’s health service, says sugar is an addictive drug that should be “tightly … [Read more…]

So… a year or so ago? I was in a really, REALLY good place. I had discovered the concept of intuitive eating and had embraced it whole-heartedly. Or so it seemed at the time. Intuitive eating isn’t a diet. It’s about becoming more attuned with your body’s natural hunger cues and about creating a … [Read more…]

So ladies, how is the new year treating you? Have you found your groove? Getting daily exercise? Are you and your teammates rolling right along with our New Year Weight Loss Challenge? Are you feeling pretty good about things, riding a wave of motivation? Wonderful! Keep it up! Just don’t forget … [Read more…]

  I was reading Lisa’s post from yesterday and was struck by how she was embracing who/where she is right now, most specifically with her running.  While I’m not a runner, her post really got me thinking about how often I sell myself short, too.  I let myself get discouraged by how much … [Read more…]

In my last post I said that tracking was eye-opening – and BOY! is it ever!! I have tracked most days since then. Simply knowing I was going to write it down has made me much more mindful of what I put in my maw (what can I say? I’m a sucker for alliteration!). In fact, the scale is already heading … [Read more…]