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Are you ready for the August monthly workout calendar? Drumroll, please! It’s a Fab Abstravaganza! We are focusing on all things abs and core! This workout calendar can be used as a supplement to your current fitness routine, or you can join us in our free weight loss challenge and Shrinking … [Read more…]

I’m Bored!  Hearing those words whined from my children are like fingernails squeaking down a chalkboard.  It is so easy to give in to their demands for more screen time or electronics when you feel like you have nothing else to do.  Of course, there are always things to do and I am here to share … [Read more…]

I’ve been utterly amazed by Love’s family for years now. I have enjoyed watching them grow and prosper. When I saw that she was in her fifth week of boot camp class, I asked if she would share her fitness journey with us. If Love, a mother to nine, can make the time to exercise and make herself a … [Read more…]

There’s nothing quite like standing at the top of a mountain. The air is thinner, your legs are screaming, and it’s a long way back down to the bottom. The ‘negatives,’ however, are undeniably trumped by the indescribable panorama around you, and the feeling of triumph and success at conquering this … [Read more…]

Can we talk? I want to let you all in on a little secret.  Are you ready?  I’m not a model.  I don’t even play one on TV.  In fact, I’m a regular girl in my early 40s who loves to run.  Most of the time my size ranges between a 6 and 8.  Sometimes I find the occasional store where I can get into … [Read more…]

We are in the dog days of summer, folks. Are you lucky enough to be part of this heat wave that has been going on lately? If you are like me,  it is sucking the life outta ya! Raise your hands if you could use a dose of motivation this Monday morning! Who doesn’t need a shot in the arm now and then? … [Read more…]

We’ve all gone through hard times. Some may have been the equivalent of the dog chewing up your favorite running shoes, which initially seems detrimental but ultimately isn’t so so bad. Others may be the equivalent of a personal loss that stays with you for a very long time. And still others may … [Read more…]

You’ve back from vacation. Bags are unpacked. Laundry started. Pictures shared. Memories made. Stories already being re-told. Relationships with extended family still intact (hopefully!). Work life or the normal routine starting to set in. Everything is set for you to move on and move ahead. … [Read more…]

Come on, you know you just read that title with the tune from that song from Grease. Admit it.  I could’ve alternately titled this post “Confessions of a Tomato” since that’s the usual state of my face after most of my summer runs, but I digress. You see, it’s hot now where I live – and I know … [Read more…]

Hi there, friends! How is everyone’s summer going? Have you gone on vacation yet? I have recently returned from the land of lobster rolls, fried clams and chowder chowdah – also known as Cape Cod. As a result, I want to talk about keeping your goals afloat while you are on vacation- something I did … [Read more…]

Can I just say that yesterday, I most definitely needed and used many of these yoga poses for relaxation…especially the deep breathing. I spent way too much time at the doctor/imaging center with my five year old who twisted his ankle a few days ago. Since then, he’s refused to put weight on it … [Read more…]

Are you a new runner or thinking about becoming a runner in the near future?  Have you wondered exactly how you would make it happen?  I am not speaking of running form, that is a post for another day.  I am talking about *what the heck do I do to make sure I am successful at this thing called … [Read more…]

Here is the next runner to share with you as part of our *Featured Runner Series*. Siyen is relatively new to running and finding her groove.  She just celebrated her birthday on July 3rd – HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SIYEN!- and she loves to run while her daughter scooters next to her.  Read on for her … [Read more…]

As so many of us celebrate today with family, friends, BBQ’s, pool parties and fireworks, just remember that today is BUT one day of celebration.  You still have a lifetime journey ahead of you of healthy living and eating.  I highly recommend the following: 1. HYDRATE.  It is hot outside and in … [Read more…]

I haven’t always been a runner – or much of an athlete at all for that matter.  I started out like many women.  I gained the “Freshman 15” (or was it 30?), got married, struggled with infertility and then had 2 beautiful babies.  I found myself at 30 – overweight and unhappy.  There were very few … [Read more…]