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I asked, you answered! An overwhelming majority of you answered ARMS! on our poll on our Facebook page last month, so arms it is! This month, our free monthly workout calendar will push your arms to their limits! The 30-Day arm challenge will leave you with strong, toned arms. It’s a gun show, … [Read more…]

This has been weighing on me lately. All you new runners so down on yourself. Calling yourself a jogger, not a real runner, too slow, too much weight to lose, taking walk breaks, having a entire litany of excuses of why you don’t fit this perceived notion of what a runner is. Look, I am about … [Read more…]

Happy first day of summer my friends! When we were kids, summer started as soon as that final school bell rang and the sense of freedom washed over us like a tidal wave. Pure joy. Pure abandon. It  meant waking up early and heading outside to play until dinner time, then more outdoor games as soon … [Read more…]

Nutrition is so important in all aspects of our lives.  What we eat has a direct correlation to how we feel, how we look, how well our workouts go, and how we recover from those workouts. I have always wanted to know what I should be eating/drinking pre- and post-workout.  While I have the exercise … [Read more…]

Well my friends, it’s the halfway point in our 30 day Shred challenge. How is everyone doing? Have you kept up? Have you moved on to level 2? As I write this post, I have just completed day 12 of the challenge. That means I am in level 2. I am writing this on Wednesday night because we are … [Read more…]

Spoiler Alert: It turns out ITunes is NOT responsible for the peanut butter-and-jelly-like combination of exercise and music. Though iPods are as common as treadmills when it comes to gyms, Carl Foster, Ph.D., of University of Wisconsin’s Exercise and Health Program points out that music has been … [Read more…]

It’s full blown Summertime in my part of the world (Texas) and that means it is hot hot HOT to the tune of 90+ degrees by noon.  Ugh. I mean, I love running in the heat. That is a TOTAL lie. I am a hot runner by nature (my body gets pretty hot when I run, even in cold weather).  My favorite … [Read more…]

A few times a week I escape my crazy life (and I do mean crazy) and take a quick, healthy and relaxing trip to the tropics. If you think I’m talking about Fiji, you’re mistaken. And I wish. I’m talking about my local hot yoga studio. It is my release and my refuge. I look forward to sweating from … [Read more…]

Cue Alice Cooper! School’s out for the summer!! I love summer vacation! I have loved summer vacation since I was a little kid in school. There are so many things to do. Sometimes it’s hard to just decide what to do. I have a few ideas though of how I plan to spend some of my summer time. … [Read more…]

Here we are- the final check-in for the Couch to 5K program. Congratulations! High fives all around. How did it go? Did you finish strong? Are you still in the midst of the program- what week are you on? What did you learn about yourself? What was the best thing about the program….the worst? … [Read more…]

Yes, I just said double stroller. Never in a million years did I think that after selling the twins’ double jogging stroller, I would be in the market for a double again. We were done having kids. D-O-N-E. Fast forward a few years later, and we are now proud {foster} parents of two little girls, one … [Read more…]

Are you guys enjoying the Featured Runner Series as much as I am? Personally, I love reading about other runners and how they got to where they are now.  Chances are we have something more in common in addition to running.  Please welcome Rachel, our next runner in the series- give her a shout-out, … [Read more…]

Back when I first started the Older Sister series, I promised some challenges. It’s been over three years since we did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Challenge and I think it’s time we older gals showed the younger girls what we are made of. I am in a weight loss and inches lost challenge … [Read more…]

It’s time to get those abs looking fab this June! This month, our free monthly workout calendar is a 30-Day Ab Challenge in the form of everyone’s favorite… crunches! Hold the applause, please. We know you are soooo excited! You should be, since you will be showing off your six-pack in no … [Read more…]

Hello dear friends! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday which means it is perfectly fine, accepted and encouraged  to talk yourself up, ladies! This is our weekly featured post where we share all the incredible things we have been accomplishing in the last week, big or small. We want to hear ’em all! I … [Read more…]