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I love cold weather running. Hot weather running in Central Texas in the Summer?  Not so much.  Upwards of 75 degrees at with 60%+ humidity and a bright sun at 8am? Even at 6am, when the sun is rising, it is still hot and sometimes humid.  Ugh and no thank you. But cold weather running? Oh … [Read more…]

It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday and I’m feeling quite “tootable” today. Where to start, where to start??? Let’s start with it’s week two of the new challenge and so far, I have stayed under my starting weight! I have tried to keep my eating in check and exercising most days. It seems to be … [Read more…]

Can you believe it’s December first?  Father Time, what the heck are ya trying to do to me, I ask you?! Are you all ready for all that this month will bestow on you? The hectic schedule, the maxed out calendar of commitments, with a dose of guilt thrown in from time to time for good measure? The … [Read more…]

It is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States The day where we give thanks In no particular order, I am thankful for: my family my health my running legs my iPod The Sisterhood What will I be doing today to keep the damage to my waistline at a minimum?! EXERCISE! … [Read more…]

I was woken up too early and now I’m overtired and kid one is on the computer where I want to work and kid two needs my assistance every 2.5 minutes and my husband is breathing too loudly and looking at me funny and I can tell it’s going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Some … [Read more…]

Ahhh, the Norman Rockwell version of Thanksgiving. It has become almost as iconic as Thanksgiving itself.  It depicts the whole family gathered around the holiday table with the ginormous turkey that Mom/Grandma slaved over in the kitchen all day cooking to perfection. In days gone by, this is … [Read more…]

As the holiday season approaches, I have been trying to get a plan in place to keep myself on track with all things fitness and weight loss. I have come up with five things that I think will work. 1. My Fitness Pal (or any other fitness tracker). I do so much better when I track my eating and … [Read more…]

Stretching is such an important part of your workout, but you probably don’t take the time to do it. Do you? I know it’s hard enough trying to find time to fit a workout in your busy schedule, but trust me, you have time to stretch! Do you want to know why you should stretch? Oh, there are so many … [Read more…]

Congratulations to each and every participant that finished their event! Way to go! We hope you enjoyed our virtual race, as well as the race swag! Here are the race results: Name  Age  Time Kids’ 1-Mile Fun Run Jacob    R.   9    0:10:35 Emma    R.    7    0:15:25 Kids’ 5K {12 and … [Read more…]

It’s November and we’ve got a new daily workout routine for you! By the time December rolls around, you can plan on being a leaner, toner version of yourself. The Thanksgiving turkey won’t be the only one with trimmings! This daily workout routine can be used to supplement your current fitness … [Read more…]

Are you ready to outrun those pesky zombies? It’s time! They are coming for you! Put on your super-awesome race tee, lace up your shoes, and head on out for your 3.1 or 6.2! Make sure you snap a photo or two, we want to see that you made it out of your Zombie Dash alive and unharmed! Post them on … [Read more…]

Hey, everyone!! How has your week been? What’s new in your world? Let us know in the comments below what you’re up to! I tried something new this week! I’ve been paying a lot of lip service to the “try something new” campaign lately, but my follow through has been severely lacking. Not so this … [Read more…]

  Hi gang! It’s my first time since I had the honor of becoming a contributing writer here at the ‘Hood that it’s my turn for the weekly Toot Your Horn Tuesday post! For those of you who are new to the site, today is the day where we brag, brag, brag about ourselves. No guilt about it!  We … [Read more…]

It took me awhile, but I’ve learned that if I don’t like it, I won’t do it. I know that I need to exercise, but I had to figure out what makes me want to exercise. You have to like what you are doing. And finally, I do!! I was kind of lost for a little bit when my favorite instructor quit … [Read more…]

Ok, so we’ve all heard of Zumba® by now, right?  Well, did you know there are several different flavors of Zumba® these days?  I had no idea until recently!  I only knew about the traditional Zumba® Fitness classes offered at various gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, etc. and the DVDs for home.  … [Read more…]