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Have you ever heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen,” or that getting fit and healthy is “80 percent diet and 20 percent gym?” According to a recent article in the Washington Post, studies show that a foods-as-reward dynamic is often a culprit of weight-loss efforts. According to a study … [Read more…]

I am running my first marathon this Sunday. My training runs have been very slow…like slow.  I am OK with slow, but for the first time ever, I checked the course time limits. I want to make sure I don’t get picked up by the sweeper vans.  I think I will be OK….I know I will be OK.  Sometimes … [Read more…]

The Sisterhood is known for their awesome Run the ‘Hood virtual races, and this 5K/10K Run and Walk event will be no different! We do a lot of things together at the Sisterhood. We lose weight together, we do endless squats together, we learn to eat healthier together, and we even run together. It’s … [Read more…]

The season of LOVE is upon us and honestly? I’m not loving these squishy love handles I’m carrying around at my sides. Love handles are among the hardest areas to trim and tone, but I’m determined to try! Are you with me? This 28-Day FREE fitness calendar features daily exercises to help you {and … [Read more…]

I like yoga. Scratch that. I love yoga. I used to attend classes at the gym but then my schedule got a bit crazy and finding time to go to the gym for one hour plus drive time on either side got quite difficult for me.  What’s a girl to do?  This girl turned to youtube, you know, that itty … [Read more…]

If you are following our Year of Small Changes Challenge, then you know last week’s challenge was all about getting enough sleep.  The change: get 7-8 hours of restful sleep every night.  Christy talked about ways to maximize your chances in the last newsletter – doing things like developing a … [Read more…]

Hello dear Shrinkers. I think this is my first chance to wish you all a Happy New Year! Aren’t you glad the holidays are over and a new year is here? I sure am. I’ve been off to a good strong start so far in 2015 in terms of getting in regular exercise and cleaning up the diet. I’m doing a 21-day … [Read more…]

What a week. How’d you do? Did you stick to healthy food choices, daily activity/exercise, a steady sleep schedule? Were you successful with the water challenge – the first of the 52 small changes? I tried. I really did. And I was successful….most days. I plan to continue trying to drink more … [Read more…]

To Eat—or Not to Eat: The Pre-Exercise Question Should you eat before a workout? That’s the question athletes of all ages and abilities most commonly ask when I’m presenting a sports nutrition workshop. While most people expect a simple response, such as “Eat a banana” or “Have a slice of … [Read more…]

So, we’re already FOUR DAYS in to the New Year. How’s it going? How are you feeling? How are those goals and resolutions looking? I have yet to jump into anything – my own personal detox will start tomorrow….the same day I start back at work AND classes start again. I thought I may as well pile … [Read more…]

Out with the old, in with the new! 2014 is coming to a close, and 2015 is literally just around the corner. With the new year, comes a new determination and new focus -on YOU! 2015 is the year to focus on yourself and be the best YOU that you can possibly be. The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is … [Read more…]

  I’ve been lucky to be around the Sisterhood for a while now and one thing I’ve learned is that time and time again our readers come through for us in many ways. We all know we have a brand spanking new year coming up on us fast and what a shot in the arm that tends to give us. We also … [Read more…]

What can put you in a better mood and push you through any workout? MUSIC! Specifically, festive holiday songs! We’ve got this amazing Fitmas Playlist! These songs will help put you in the Christmas spirit, motivate you to Get YoursElf Off the Shelf, and stay healthy during this stressful … [Read more…]

  We are already a week into our new holiday wellness challenge! We’ve passed one of the biggest hurdles… Thanksgiving! Did you stay in control of your eating, or did you end up feeling like a stuffed turkey? Did you stop at one small piece of pumpkin pie or did you finish the whole … [Read more…]

Are you all loving our new fitness challenges here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans?  I’m so inspired by everyone who has signed up to participate.  Last week, Melissa told you about our latest wellness challenge – Get YoursElf Off the Shelf.  If you missed that post, click on that little … [Read more…]