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Summer is here, and with that comes tank tops, dresses and swim suits! No one wants to show off their flabby bat wings, so if you’re looking to showcase strong, toned arms, print out our free 30-Day Strong Arms workout calendar and follow along with the daily exercises. By July, you will be hosting … [Read more…]

A few weeks ago, I did something to my foot while running….or maybe not while running.  I really don’t know when I did the *something*.  All I know is the top of my foot is hurting in a strange way and it won’t go away.  It is in the weirdest spot and for the life of me, I don’t know how this … [Read more…]

Hi friends! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday, the day of the week where we boast boast boast about ourselves without shame or a drop of conceit! Let’s hear from you. I am CERTAIN that you have something to toot your horn about it, big or small!  So let’s here it. How did you all do over the holiday … [Read more…]

You may know me as one of the “running” writers, but the fact is, I’m also a triathlete.  My first triathlon was completed on my hybrid and then I upgraded to a fancy road bike and began clipping in last year, but I’ve been biking since before I can remember.  With Michigan experiencing about 6 … [Read more…]

Fitness trackers are IN! You see them everywhere – or don’t depending on what an individual is wearing. They’re tracking steps, stairs, distance, calories, sleep patterns, and goals. If you’re serious about your fitness, getting in shape, hitting your goals, or in need of motivation, you probably … [Read more…]

  Today while most people are wondering how to start their holiday weekend, I will be starting to ramp up my health and fitness, by taking my walk to the streets and neighborhoods around my community.  Yes, I am taking my walk to the streets! The weather is warm and toasty here in north … [Read more…]

TGIF dear shrinkers! This TGIF is extra lovely due to it starting off a long weekend for most of us.  Long weekends can even be seen as a secret weapon on your weight loss journey. Here’s why: You have an entire extra day to plan, and cook,  healthy meals for the week ahead. You have a chance … [Read more…]

Belly fat. Most of us have it in some stage or another and most of us hate it. It’s a bitch to get rid of. We try and we try and I don’t know about you, but I still have it and it seems like the older I get, the harder belly fat tries to hang on. Enter one of my favorite websites… It’s … [Read more…]

One of my favorite roles here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is mentoring new runners and then getting to share their success stories.  We have a Couch to 5k group over on Facebook where runners can get encouragement and begin their running journey.  In addition to our C25K group, our Run … [Read more…]

This month, we’re talking muffins. No, not that beloved blueberry muffin you had for breakfast yesterday… the muffin-top around your middle! Who doesn’t hate that pudgy flesh that tends to escape over the top of your favorite pair of jeans? Never fear, my friends. May is all about MELTING that … [Read more…]

We’re Going Streaking! Ok, not streaking of the Will Ferrell kind in the movie Old School.  We here at the Sisterhood want to CHALLENGE you to streak your boo-tay, clothed, through the month of May, packing on miles every single day.  What exactly does that mean? If you choose to accept our … [Read more…]

Have you always wanted to become a runner but you didn’t know where to begin?  Are you coming back to running from a break?  Did you start training for a 5k but fall off the wagon? No worries!  We at The Sisterhood are here to help!  Perhaps you’ve heard of the Couch to 5k Program.  If not, … [Read more…]

There have been times that my roommates walk into the house only to hear *yours truly* uttering some astonishingly remarkable colorful language as I foam roll myself after a workout. I explain that, no, I am in fact not severely injured nor in need of assistance – I’m just stretching out my muscles. … [Read more…]

“I am a Kenyon” – Jenn “I can do hard things.” “Let go.” – Meg “Strong Legs. Strong Head. Strong Heart.” – Lisa “Finish Strong” – Susan “You can do anything for ___ miles/minutes” – Tami “Keep moving forward” – Tim to me during my last half marathon “Use the shoes” – … [Read more…]

Run/Walk 2.62 Miles for #BostonStrong…… It’s been over a year since the Boston Marathon bombings, in which three people were killed and countless others seriously injured while watching and waiting for their loved ones to cross the finish line after running 26.2 miles. I felt so helpless … [Read more…]