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I like to think of myself as a guinea pig. Being a nutrition counselor in the world of holistic health means that the majority of my personal and professional time is spent in area’s involving food, fitness, clean eating clean, balance, and alternative healing. With so much information, differing … [Read more…]

Like it or not, every one of us is getting older, day by day. As a fitness exerciser or an athlete, you might wonder how aging impacts performance—and what you can do to retain youthful fitness. The following information is gathered from a workshop ( presented by Dr. … [Read more…]

  It’s Thursday and time for three bullet points. It’s late, I’m tired, and suffering from a migraine that isn’t going away, so that’s what you get!! **In FIVE weeks I will get on a plane and travel from Dallas to San Diego and be away from my entire family for more than 2 days for the … [Read more…]

Good morning ladies (and gents)!  How is everyone feeling this morning?  Hopefully, smaller, right?! It’s that day of the week where we check-in and weigh-in.  Yes, weigh-in.  Go ahead and get that over with if you haven’t already done so.  If you are like me, you weigh first thing after waking up, … [Read more…]

If there’s one debate that I hear over and over again, it’s whether treadmills or running outdoors is the better option.  It seems to me and this is totally scientific based upon my twitter and Facebook feeds that there is no in between.  Either you are an indoor runner or an outdoor one, and when … [Read more…]

We’ve all had setbacks – whether it’s with your exercise routine or weight loss endeavor, they creep up at the most unexpected times, and frankly, seem to create their own setback mafia and vehemently gang up on you all at once. The setbacks can come in the form of taking on a new venture, … [Read more…]

When you are trying to lose weight, you often end up reading a lot about that topic. Time and time again, you will come across articles touting the importance of keeping a journal of  the foods you eat.  It is an eye-opening experience, as those of you who routinely track your food intake can … [Read more…]

Who needs beer and lederhosen when you could have an Oktober Sweatfest instead? That’s right! Instead of rocking our stockings and trachtenbluse, we are celebrating in our yoga pants and moisture-wicking tees! This month we’ve got NINE different exercises for you… Squats: View squat … [Read more…]

Hi, my name is Bari and I’m a broken runner. I wonder how many times I can drop the f-bomb in this post before it gets blocked by most filters.  If I was going to make this a movie and rate it PG-13, I’d get 4 according to the Motion Picture Association of America film rating system.  Somehow … [Read more…]

The first time I added strength training into my fitness routine was 5 months after the birth of baby #2.  I had a 3 yr old and a 5 month old, I was chunky, and TIRED. I hated the way I looked and I was determined to do something about it.  I joined a gym, shelled out some mega bucks for a personal … [Read more…]

I walk. I really like to walk. I have been walking for years. I’ve walked 5k’s and half marathons. I’ve walked for fun. I’ve walked for exercise and I’ve walked to get from one place to the other. But, I didn’t really realize until recently that you can really add some wow to your walk and make it a … [Read more…]

Since taking 17 minutes off of my half marathon time this year, one question I get asked a lot is how to become a faster runner.  It’s actually very hard, butt-kicking, exhausting, rewarding easy! Well, it’s not really “easy” – not physically or mentally – I worked my @$$ off.  The concept of how to … [Read more…]

Exercise makes you feel great, right?! You get a mood boost (yay endorphines!), you look better, you feel better, and you know you are doing something good for yourself. But you know what they say: You gotta take the bad with the good. And that bad can come in the form of a nasty burning, … [Read more…]

I don’t know about you, but there always comes some point in every workout plan, healthy eating plan, or just life in general where I start to think, “Why am I doing this again?”  It’s very easy for me to lose steam and motivation.  Scary easy, actually. I’ve been told that I’m not a quitter … [Read more…]

Are you a runner? A biking enthusiast? A die-hard elliptical fiend? A prevalent stair-climber? Whatever may peak your interest when it comes to a good workout is most definitely something you should keep at. If you enjoy it, stick with it. An important aspect of working out and/or training for … [Read more…]