Recipes – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


June 15, 2011 By lisa

When I ran the San Diego 1/2 Marathon in June 2010 (my first!) I weighed 173 lbs.

When I ran the San Antonio 1/2 Marathon in November 2010(my second!) I was a measly 163 lbs.

When I ran the Zooma 1/2 Marathon in April 2011 (my third) I was 167  lbs.

When I weighed in this morning I was 169.6 lbs.

While I am still within the *range* that I wanted to be in for this part of the year, there is still nonetheless an upward trend to my weight and I do not like it one bit.  Sure, I had all kinds of life stresses going on Feb through May of this year and my emotional eating kicked back into high gear.  The exercise regimen I have made a habit is what has kept my weight gain to a minimum during this time, but imagine what my weight loss could have been if I hadn’t let myself soothe with chips and salsa at night?

I was talking with a friend the other day and she was lamenting over the fact that all the good FREE kids stuff in our area is in the morning, usually at the same time that she goes to the gym.  She was giving up her gym time to take her kids places.  I told her that going to the gym and exercising is my #1 priority each and every day and that my kids would be just fine playing there….or elsewhere later in the day.  I do so much for them, but exercising and fitness is FOR ME and that I am NOT willing to give it up.

I make fitness a priority.

And now, I want to make fueling my body properly a priority.

I am sick and tired of talking the talk but not walking the talk.

I can already do so freakin’ much even with putting crap in my body.  Imagine how much better I can run/swim/bike/Zumba/strength train if I only put the right foods within.  Weight loss is important but even more important is HOW I FEEL and HOW my body feels during my endurance training whatevers.

I so badly want to be the machine my head already thinks I am.  I have so much power but I know I can do so much more.

I just know it.

So yeah, I am ready to burst out of this mindset that *I am good enough where I am*.  Oh hell no.  I want to burst free from the comfortable-ness of where I am and bring myself  closer to 160 lbs.  I want to be lighter- mind, body, and spirit.

I can do it.