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Whole grains. We all know they are good for you. But do you know exactly what whole grains are, how to prepare them, and how many different varieties there are? No? Well, never fear. I’m here to give you the lowdown. First of all, what exactly makes a grain whole? To be considered a whole […]

Being on a weight loss program, people seem to love to spew their opinions make observations about what I’m eating.  There’s one recurring theme I see to hear it all the time.  “How do you do it?  Diet food is sooooooo boring and has NO flavor.” I have to admit, it’s really easy to fall […]

The Holidays are here and so are the parties. Work parties, soirees with friends, family gatherings. Chances are, you’ll be navigating not only obscene amounts of appetizers, cookies, candy, but you’ll also be enjoying some alcoholic beverages. Booze adds up, guys. Quickly. A few drinks and you can totally blow your calorie intake for the […]

Hickory Farms has been a classic holiday tradition shared amongst friends and families for over 60 years. Many Americans have a distinct memory of Hickory Farms at their holiday gatherings; Hickory Farms is very proud to be a part of those nostalgic moments and continues to focus on and celebrate its long heritage of tradition […]

Despite our best efforts, many people struggle with the ‘last 5 pounds’. Though genetic and lifestyle factors certainly come into play, streamlining your body also comes down to eliminating certain foods from your diet. Refined Sugar: Processed sugar, found in everything from candy bars to cereal, salad dressing to yogurt, triggers the production of insulin, […]

We’re starting a new series here at Shrinking Jeans – Meatless Mondays! I won’t be coming at you every Monday – there are too many other great writers here for me to hog all the attention – but I hope you’ll take in what I say, let it ruminate, and make ALL your Mondays meatless! […]

Pizza. I absolutely adore pizza. I could eat it at least every other day. Okay. Every single day. Ahem. In theory, pizza could be a pretty healthy food. Grains (the crust), dairy (cheese) and veggies. But *that* pizza? It’s something I talk about, then I end up eating a greasy slice of pepperoni and olive. […]

As difficult as it is to believe, Thanksgiving is now less than two weeks away for those of us here in the U.S.  How is that even possible?!  This year has just flown by it seems.  Given it’s so close, it’s definitely time to start thinking about Thanksgiving cooking and menu planning. For those of […]

Do a search for ‘superfoods’ and at least 20 ‘Top 10’ lists will pop up. Opinions and advice about nutrition are never in short supply, but the key to optimal health is balance. Kale: Eat your greens! If there’s only one superfood you add to your diet, green vegetables should be it. Kale fights free […]

While Thanksgiving is all about the turkey for most people, sweet potatoes are my favorite dish on Thanksgiving. Really, I love all the food, but mashed sweet potatoes are the ones that do it for me. I’m the only one in my family of 4 who eats sweet potatoes – for real. Growning up, they […]

The Great Pinterest Round-Up… featuring the week’s best health and fitness finds! Pumpkin Spice Latte protein smoothie – mmmmm! Ten Reasons to Keep Backyard Chickens. Harvest Pasta e Fagiole Soup with Parmesan Crisps. Healthy Baking Substitutes. And of course, a quote:

Woo Hoo!  Fall is finally here!  Well, at least it is for most of the country.  We’re still having plenty of hot weather here in southern California and I’m more than ready for the cooler temperatures! On top of the relief from the sweltering heat of Summer, Fall also ushers in  all kind of other […]

Hello from Fitbloggin! Me and Thea are here at our favorite fitness blogging conference of all time here in Baltimore! Yesterday we hit up the McCormick Spice tour, a tour of the facility where they come up with all the spicy ideas, test new ones, test how spices work in foods and  marinades, and there […]

Do you do ‘Meatless Monday’ in your house? We do. Just don’t tell my husband. He hasn’t caught on just yet. (I’m totally serious). You’ve probably heard the term, but do you know about the movement behind it? I recently wandered over to Meatless Monday (yes, there is a website) to read about this healthy […]

A few years back, when Team Shrinking Jeans trained with Team in Training, we had the extreme privelege of having Nancy Clark as our nutrition guru. The following article is awesome news for those of us who adore chocolate and I just had to share! Read on for tips on how to indulge healthfully!   Chocolate and […]