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Hello from Fitbloggin! Me and Thea are here at our favorite fitness blogging conference of all time here in Baltimore! Yesterday we hit up the McCormick Spice tour, a tour of the facility where they come up with all the spicy ideas, test new ones, test how spices work in foods and  marinades, and there […]

Do you do ‘Meatless Monday’ in your house? We do. Just don’t tell my husband. He hasn’t caught on just yet. (I’m totally serious). You’ve probably heard the term, but do you know about the movement behind it? I recently wandered over to Meatless Monday (yes, there is a website) to read about this healthy […]

A few years back, when Team Shrinking Jeans trained with Team in Training, we had the extreme privelege of having Nancy Clark as our nutrition guru. The following article is awesome news for those of us who adore chocolate and I just had to share! Read on for tips on how to indulge healthfully!   Chocolate and […]

I don’t know about everyone else, but one of my biggest challenges when it comes to healthy eating is avoiding the dreaded food boredom.  You know, that rut one can easily fall into by eating the same things week in and week out. So, what’s a shrinker to do?  We turn to the interwebs and […]

Are you afraid of tofu? Hate it? Never tried it? Lost as to what to do with it? One of the main responses I get when people learn we’re a primarily vegan family (aside from “but the kids drink milk, right?” and “I could never give up cheese” and “where do you get your protein/iron?” […]

In the summer, when it gets hot, we practically live on salads. Yes, we, as in all of us! From the nearly five year old to the nearly fifty year old. How do I come up with things that please a range of tastes, are healthy, and are hearty enough to be the main course? […]

We are so excited to have CLICK as a sponsor for Run The Hood!  Here at the Sisterhood, we’ve been CLICK’n for more than 3 years now! What? You don’t know what CLICK is? You must be new around here! CLICK is an espresso protein drink (yes, it’s a marriage made in heaven) that you […]

Coffee. I love coffee. I drink mine black, but when I stop at a coffee shop, it’s easy to get lured into ordering something a bit more adventurous, which often means more calories, sugar, and fat. Did you know that if you drink a Grande Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino, you will be consuming 500 calories, […]

Breakfast has never been a priority for me. Like, ever. Honestly, I can remember as far back as middle school, trying to skip breakfast. And it wasn’t because I was dieting or anything. I was just too busy or not hungry or whatever. Like I said, it just wasn’t a priority. As an adult, I […]

Back in the day, we had simple terms to describe our eating habits. Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore… Simple. In our culture today, there are so many in-betweens and different words to describe certain ways of eating, in can be a bit overwhelming. In the end, the choice is yours. Eat as you see fit for your […]

This article was first published in December of 2009, and we felt like it deserved another spin, so take it away Heather! I would be willing to bet that if I sat down to dinner with almost any one of you, I’d be finished with my plate before you had a chance to cut your […]

I’m a huge fan of chips. They’re the perfect blend of crunchy and salty that makes my mouth happy happy. I mean, seriously, what’s better than a nice crunchy chip when the snack craving hits? Sadly, my beloved chips have become an infrequent luxury rather than my go-to snack since I began following a healthier […]

Hiddey Ho- it’s the eighth week of our challenge, with only one week to go.  Where did the time fly off too?  Yes, you have one week to kick it into high gear and to finish strong.  How are you doing?  Have you been doing your ‘thang and watching the numbers shrink on the scale? […]

Today, I feel like I need to talk about water. Partly for you all, and partly as a reminder for me. I have to admit, I am pretty much the worst at remembering to drink water. And when I do, I don’t like it. My normal scenario is basically realizing that I haven’t had any […]

By now, I’m sure most of you know that the USDA has gradually been decreasing the recommended daily allowance of sodium over the past few years.  As of 2010, the current recommendation for everyone, including adolescents over the age of 14, is preferably around 1500mg, but no more than 2,300mg (about 1 teaspoon) of sodium […]