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Now that we’re into the new year, many people are making resolutions and looking to take their fitness challenges to new heights. This week’s Mailbag Monday question is a good one on that theme. Now many people may read this question and think, “what’s the big deal in moving up from a 5K to 10K”, … [Read more…]

++This Giveaway is now closed++ The winner of the 5K of their choice is: MissLoFly!! Congrats girl! Send me an email so we can get you registered for that Disney 5k in September!! ([email protected]) It is dark. Your alarm clock has woken you up (for the second or third time) but … [Read more…]

Last week we announced our plan to train for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon on June 5th. We can’t wait. There is nothing better than hanging out in real life with the Sisters and Brothers we know so well from online. Read all about it here. Now listen, we really, really, REALLY want you … [Read more…]

We’ve set up a page especially for race reports! You can now look under Move It (hover over it) up in the navbar and you’ll see RACE REPORTS! We have a permanent linky widget over there, so share your races report blog posts with us there from now on! Be sure to link to the post and not just to your … [Read more…]

Lots of people run to get healthy, to lose weight, to accomplish a race goal. Myself included. However, the biggest reason I keep running, the biggest reason I push on through the aches, the pains, the tiredness, and the heavy breathing is because of this:  running keeps my mind healthy.  I … [Read more…]

It’s time to kick off the 2nd annual Team Shrinking Jeans! We are open to all… men, women, college students, great grandmothers… We want YOU!! Last year our amazing team of 14 raised over $43,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! This year, we want to beat that amount! We are planning on … [Read more…]

This weekend we are running our annual Sisterhood Virtual 5K (okay, so it was supposed to be in 2010, but we just barely missed it). We are dedicated these runs to all of our Sisters who are running in the Disney Full & 1/2 marathons this weekend. Congratulations to all of our Sisters (and … [Read more…]

Okay, I’m not sure how this happened, but our Annual Sisterhood Virtual 5K is this Saturday, January 8th. Whoa. For all of you who started the Couch to 5K Program back on November 1, your time to shine has arrived. And if you haven’t been training, feel free to join in. Really! Don’t feel … [Read more…]

In a post last week, I wrote about some easy New Year’s fitness resolutions for runners can take — baby steps, if you will — that will help make them better runners. This week, I wanted to take another look another problem that runners often have with their New Year’s Resolutions: making … [Read more…]

When baby #2 was about 6 months old and I was still holding on to all of the pregnancy weight and still eating like I was pregnant, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer and committed myself to exercising as much as possible.  I became a gym rat, … [Read more…]

Let’s hear about those races you’ve done in the past few weeks! Did you cross the starting line? Trot like a turkey? Blog about it and link up here! We want to share in your story and be inspired! You can see previous Race Report Round-Ups here! … [Read more…]

Let’s hear about those races you’ve done in the past few weeks! Did you cross the starting line? Trot like a turkey? Blog about it and link up here! We want to share in your story and be inspired! … [Read more…]

I can’t wait for this week’s race reports! I know a lot of you were out there giving it your all! We want to hear all of the knitty-gritty details! Leave nothing out! Come back, link up to your post down below, and let us be inspired! … [Read more…]

Hello Sisterhood readers. It’s time for the Mailbag Monday segment with your running questions. This week we’ll look briefly at two questions from Sisterhood members and see if we can clarify some things. Our first question comes from Karena and goes like this: “I’m power walking the Disney half … [Read more…]

Hellooooo Sisters and Brothers! Did you race this past weekend? Yes? We want to hear about it! Write up a post on your experience, come back, link up, and let us be inspired! … [Read more…]