April – 3/8 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I know you are all just sitting there thinking to yourselves, “Selves, I would really love something fun to do tonight.” (Didn’t know I could read minds, did you? It’s a special gift.) Well have no fear! I am here to solve your dilemma because tonight is Tworkout™ night on Twitter! Just get yourselves on […]

Yo! What is going on with all of my people, tweeps, and sisters(and brothers)?! OK. It’s Friday! And with Friday comes one of my favorite things… HAPPY HOUR! Let’s talk about this for a few minutes, shall we? If you are like me, almost nothing is better than a good happy hour. You leave work […]

Happy Tuesday, folks! How is your week going so far? Have you been getting those work outs in? We all know tomorrow is check-in (weigh-in for all of you Shrinkvivors!), so you know what that means! Tonight is Tworkout™ night! We all hop onto Twitter and tworkout out while watching The Biggest Loser (or whatever […]

Good morning all! How are all of you Shrinkvivors doing out there in the jungles of the internet? Have yous seen Jeff Probst? If so, can you tell him to please send me a buff? I’d really like one a lot. Thanks! How did you do on your challenges this week? Also, how are all […]

So. Talk to me. What do you guys thing of The Biggest Loser so far this season? Do you like how they’ve switched things around? Who is your favorite contestant this season? Who do you think is in it for the money? Now, after you answer all of those questions, you can get your water […]

Hi! It’s me again! Tuesday is Biggest Loser Day! (Or for you, it could be Glee Day, or No Ordinary Family Day. Pick your show!) And Biggest Loser Day (Or Glee Day or No Ordinary Family Day) means LAST CHANCE TWORKOUT™ time! So, change into your work out clothes, grab a water bottle, your weights, […]

Guess what? It’s True Confessions day! (Did I hear groans? Let’s try that again, no groans this time.) Guess what? It’s True Confessions day! *pauses* (No groans.  Good job!)  How was your week? Did you have a great week? Did you slip up? It’s okay if you did, because now you get to confess and […]

If you follow me and Thea on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve noticed tweets such as, “Shut the hell up.” or “Jerk.” being thrown at one another. We mean it in good fun, but what none of you may not realize is just how much I really admire Thea. I remember Thea saying once that she […]

Happy Biggest Loser Day! You all watched the premiere; what did you think? Love it, hate it? Did you cry? (Of course you did.) Well, tonight we get to cry all over again, and through our tears, we can Tworkout™! So, join us over on Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and let’s burn those last […]

I know you are all here today expecting The Saturday Review. Let me assure you that The Saturday review will return next week, but today, I’d like to do a different kind of review. I’d like each of us to review what is inside of us and ask ourselves, how do you play the game? […]

I. Am. PUMPED! Tonight is the premiere of season TEN of the Biggest Loser, and you all KNOW what that means! The return of your LAST CHANCE TWORKOUT! If you’re new here, we all hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and get one last workout! (Twitter + Workout = TWORKOUT = FUN!) And I’m […]

Dear April, You may not know this, but I know you. I have been right here with you every step of this amazing journey we call life. I’ve been with you through the best of times and the worst of times. I’ve been right there with you when you’ve been happy and when you’ve been […]

It’s Tuesday! And we all know what that means! It’s my day to give you the best thing about your week! That’s right…it’s Tworkout™ day! (I love Tuesdays. So much.) I know you’re excited so I know I will see EVERYONE on Twitter at 8 p.m. Central! (If you want to follow along on TweetGrid, […]

Deep in the jungles of… the Internet, the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans has been working very hard to bring you a fantastic new challenge. A challenge like no other. The best challenge yet. Join us as we journey deep into… the Internet to OutLose, OutFit, OutLast! Who has what it takes? Who is up […]

Hey, folks! Guess what? I’m BACK! I know you missed me, right? Right? Of course you did! After last week’s crisis (read: my laptop was a jerk), I am back in full force! I can’t tell you how excited I am for tonight’s tworkout! So, hop on Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and join us! […]