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Wakey wakey eggs and nakey! Nope that wasnt a typo, it is time, girlfriend. Time to wake up, get nakey and step on the scale! (Unless of course you’re a clothing weigher, either way don’t let me stand in your way, head on over and git ‘er done!) That wasn’t so bad was it? There […]

No matter which country you’re from, you can’t help but be inspired by the Olympics. The story of every athlete and every team, what they’ve gone through to get there, what they’ve done and how hard they’ve worked to reach their momentous goals. The Olympics are historically the place where great things happen. Athletes may […]

Helpful Thigh Exercises – No Machinery Required! One of the things that’s happened to me post-surgery is the whittling away of my poor leg muscles during my recovery phase, i.e. lack of activity. My leg muscles are probably my favorite region of my body because when they are out, they’re like, “POW!” When they’re not […]

This week I interviewed former Season 11 Biggest Loser contestant Austin Andrews from the brown team. He and his dad went on an incredible weight loss journey and Austin made it to the top 5 on the show, which is pretty amazing! He was voted off when it came down to him and Hannah below […]

A lot of you know that recently I had a scare with a little (non) friend that I (not very) affectionately call “The Cansuh.” In April, I found out that I had a tumor on my cervix. It was quite a blow for me and it was a very awful, terrible, dark couple of weeks […]

Hi! I’m back! Did you miss me? (Oh, you didn’t notice I was gone, huh? Well I was! And now I am here again!) Also, I am fresh back from the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference in Denver, Colorado, an absolutely amazing experience where we discussed health, fitness, responsible reporting, what REALLY works in “dieting” […]

There’s an ugly side to working out that no one really wants to talk about. OK, perhaps most people don’t really want to talk about it but we don’t shy away from those things here. It’s a Sisterhood. There’s safety in numbers. Recently, I was thinking about the things I’ve done during my workouts & […]

I’m getting pretty disgusted with our food supply right now in general, between the preservatives and the dyes and the unnatural crap. You may or may not have caught this in the news this past week, but it appears there will be a new ingredient in our kids’ school lunches and it’s called “pink slime“. […]

A couple weeks ago, I reviewed the iSafe Bag, or as I like to call it, “the screaming hip pack.” Because it comes complete with an alarm that would make any perpetrator piddle at the sound of it. Or at least run away, anyway, which is the point. I also did a video, (Don’t tell me […]

This week my Kindergartner had homework. There were little boxes on the paper and in each box he was supposed to write down something on our grocery list, spell it out how it sounds and then draw a picture to go with it. The example they gave was a picture of an apple and the […]

Happy Groundhog Day! Today’s the day we learn our (possible) collective fate, the prediction from a tiny little furry creature in a hole: will we get 6 more weeks of the treadmill or bike trainer? (Yes). You may be wondering what on earth fitness and Groundhog Day might have in common but I assure you […]

The Weigh In Good morning, everyone! Wakey wakey eggs and (turkey) bakey! It’s a new day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, are you ready to step on the scale? I am sure that it’s going to be nice to you today, I just have a feeling! You’ve worked hard this week, you […]

(Cough  cough hack hack *sniff* cough cough) Be so happy you can’t get sick through reading this because I’ve got spores everywhere! I’ve been sick since Friday, literally I slept 17 hours yesterday, I haven’t done that since college, and apparently the only thing I can stomach is soup and chocolate chip cookies. So here is […]

Earlier this week, we re-read our letters to ourselves from 2011. Those of us who didn’t do the letter last year, you (hopefully) wrote a new one, to your 2013 self. (Did you?? I hope so!) You can catch up on all the details of the “Letter to Me” project here. I’m excited to read […]

Happy New Year!!!! Wow, we’re really getting up there, next year will already be 2013?? Are ya kidding me? Ok here we go. Friends, countryfriends, new friends and old! Hear ye, hear ye! It’s time for our annual trip down memory lane, the most important project of the year! The Dear Me Project! Now, new […]