Christie O. – 2/13 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Oh, it’s the very last day of 2011. I can’t believe it’s here! We all wonder what is on the horizon for us in 2012. When we look back next year, what will have happened? I ask myself before the start of every year. But all I can say to you today is that we […]

I feel like I was just sitting here writing about what was going to happen in 2011 and what was in store for me. It feels like yesterday and now, 2012 is just DAYS away! Where did the year go?! I know we ask this every year but I feel like this year went especially […]

Gooooood morning!! OK so it’s not morning anymore, but we can pretend it’s morning, right? I’m drinking coffee like it is if that counts! It may even be morning for some of you, where ever you are! My apologies for the late check-in. By now, you’ve probably gone onto the scale to see how things […]

It’s been a while since I’ve done True Confessions Tuesday and boy am I glad to be doing it today. I seriously need to press the “reset” button this holiday season. In addition to the regular holidays, we have 4 birthdays in the family. Do you know what 4 birthdays in the family means? 4 CAKES. […]

It’s been a little while since we’ve reviewed an exercise around here but there’s one that I consider one of my most important in everything that I do and that’s the plank. It is so simple it hurts. Literally. You just need your body and some space and you can do them almost anywhere and […]

The American Council on Exercise just released a report on the fitness trends for 2012 and I have to say I am not surprised by them at.all. In fact, this being a fitness site (and above all community) and many of us being immersed in fitness chats on Twitter and Facebook constantly, I think we were pretty […]

So many times I am on Twitter and I see something and it sticks with me and it becomes something I just have to write about. Today it’s the “F” word. Consider this famous quote: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” – Unknown Well? What is it? What […]

We’ve been having some conversations on Twitter lately about what else but chia!! And yes of the Chia Pet kind. You probably know them from this: But before chia becomes some clay-thingy’s hair, they are seeds. And chia seeds are super healthy and you can eat them. (I will sprinkle photos of Chia Pets throughout this post that […]

It is time! The Tribal Council is up and the tribes have spoken. The tribes list will be updated later this evening, find it here! The winner of this week’s BODYGLIDE gift pack is: Kirsten S., from Tribe Yellow! Congratulations!!

Greetings Shrinkvivor tribes!! It is the great and all powerful check-in day, when we let the scale speak for us (whether we like it or not!) How did we do this week? First things first, let’s head on over and check in with the scale. When you get the numbers, make sure you write your […]

Yes you read that title right. I was going through my emails full of races and I came across this one and thought this was a topic worthy of attention. Naked racing! Here in Florida, there are a few nude races. They take place at a couple of the nude resorts, I presume because it’s […]

Birthday! We have a birthday! I won’t tell you how many candles are on her cake this year, just that it’s more candles than I had on my cake. 🙂 Christie is your average mother, wife, and friend. Only she’s not. This girl? Does some pretty amazing things. She runs. She swims. She bikes. In […]

Good day, friends! Are we ready to to check in today? It is Wednesday, you know, and that’s what we do on Wednesdays. Things don’t always turn out like we planned, and then sometimes they do but nonetheless, we do it anyway because like its name, it keeps us “in check”. Clever, right? So scamper […]

The winner of the awesome drifit shirt from My Race Ragz is: (drumroll) Suzanne Westenhofer!! Please send an email to [email protected] and I will work with you on your shirt! Congratulations!!

I’m very excited to share with you another running/cycling/triathlon gear favorite of mine and a company I have been working with for a few weeks now: My Race Ragz! In fact, this is almost a post best told in pictures. Except that there are some pretty cool stories behind the pictures too. My Race Ragz […]