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I only allow myself to have the “real thing” alfredo sauce quarterly (although lately it’s been maybe twice a year now.) But for every day, I’ve drummed up something that is a very, very close second — minus the guilt. I give you: My Alfredo Sauce. Oh sure the real thing has that smooth buttery […]

There is some buzz going around in my neck of the woods and it’s betwixt my runner friends. Ya know, since we’ve been known to share a lot of information with each other. Too much information in fact. Like running and unwanted *cough* pitstops in the bushes and whatnot on account of the GI tract […]

Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month, Poetry Month, National Volunteer Month, National Humor Month, Eating Disorders Awareness Month, National Car Care Month (I might take advantage of this one!), and National Pecan Month? Those are only just a few that I came up with in just a few short clicks. Among the many […]

There’s a sort of “girl power” feeling in the music these days and I gotta tell ya, I LIKE IT! We try to keep things positive here at the Sisterhood and we try to keep things REAL at the Sisterhood. We all share way too much information on the internet about working out and weight-loss (pee […]

Since I started running and subsequently doing triathlons after having my bum firmly planted on couch for quite a while post-child, I submerged myself into a sort of culture of healthiness. I write about fitness and blog about fitness and have met great friends here online and through triathlon and running groups, it’s been quite a […]

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time to confess! And what a good time to do it, for some of us who celebrate, it’s Lent! So confess away! I’ll start it off. I am tracking calories and I’m pretty hardcore about it right now on My Fitness Pal (my username is Christieo_7 if you want to friend […]

++This Giveaway is now closed++ The winners are: Ellen B. (@elliebunny24) Lainie Painie at Healthy Schmealthy Still Mary! Email your snail mail address to christieo at! * * *   Why did the chicken cross the road? TO ESCAPE FROM MY MICROWAVE OF COURSE! I have become co-dependent on a very, very convenient chicken […]

I love having a secret code word game! We love seeing people befuddled and asking “What’s #mbm?” But even more than that, we LOVE watching you LIVING #mbm and in a good way! We’ve said no to drive-thrus, we’ve walked instead of snacked, we’ve said no to those naughty cookies that husband was meanly  munching right […]

In poring over the fact that this weight-loss game is a battle of choices and consistency I thought maybe we could help a sister out. And vice versa. Because it’s not day by day or week by week. This thang is MOMENT BY FREAKIN MOMENT. Which door do I choose? I say that because in […]

Hello, friends! It’s time to wrap up our February project which was to send our bodies into failure! (In a good way!) Did you do it again this week? Have you done it every week? How? How did you feel? Did you want to go back for more? Are you glad you pushed yourself (more […]

(If you’ve filled in the blank already with a word in your mind, keep that, hold onto it, we’ll get to it in a minute. Mkay?) I spend half my life apologizing for myself. I catch myself doing it all the time. I’m going slower than my running partner and I say something like, “I’m […]

Well it’s the end of February which means that this is the last week of  Operation Body Fail where “failure” is actually a good thing! Whaaaa? You haven’t done it yet? You must try it! Go exhaust those muscles, go run that fast mile, go push yourself whatareyawaitingfor???? Haven’t read the post? Catch up right […]

It’s February where the word “fail” is actually a good thing! Yep, Operation Body Fail is in full swing here at the Sisterhood, have you worked on pushing that beautiful body of yours wayyyy outside its boundaries? I have! This week I went into fail first thing Monday morning with pushups and by the way, […]

Holy MOLY MOLY MOLY MOLY! We’re almost there! Next week is our last weigh-in for this challenge, how are you doing? Well, you know what to do! Head on over to the scale and find out how many numbers that scale is willing to give up for you this week! And we hope the scale’s […]

I wish I could explain how I sent my body into fail mode this week but I tried to picture how I would write it and it sounded a little vulgar. Did you reach body failure this week? For me, this week it was “ab” failure. Ab failure resulting in full body failure. All in […]