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Not long ago, we posted an informative article about the benefits of consuming 30 grams of protein immediately after a workout or run. Research has found that 30 grams seems to be the *magic* number to give your muscles the tools they need to do the building and repairing that peaks in the 3 to 5 […]

  It’s Tuesday and usually that means I’d come on here and toot my own horn. Pat myself on the back for how awesome I am… But not today…because today is our Christy’s birthday, and I want to toot HER horn. Yes, that sounds wrong, but whatever. So, here’s what we’re going to do…in the […]

Let’s face it, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we all find it hard to stay away from McDonalds. I mean, come one, it’s SO easy and those meals have toys, and the playground is So.Much.Fun! I stumbled across this infographic on Pinterest, and to be honest, it makes me unhappy. On a […]

I’ve been sitting here staring at my laptop for 30 minutes while I watch a Tivo’d episode of Storage Wars. Have you seen it? OMG, I confess that I’m addicted to it. You must see it, and lucky for you it comes on tonight right after our Tworkout. What?! Yes! Check it on Tuesdays on […]

It’s time to run the ‘hood tomorrow, and who doesn’t need new tunes to pound that pavement faster? Whether you are running or walking, these songs are guaranteed to quicken your pace! Good Feeling – Flo Rida Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes/Adam Levine I Like It Like That – Hot Chelle Rae Faster – […]

Do you remember when eggs were (basically) the Antichrist – cholesterol laden monstrosities that would certainly send you to an early grave? Well, research now shows that eggs aren’t all that bad after all. In fact, scientist use eggs as the ‘gold standard’ for measuring the protein quality of other foods. Yes, if you have a […]

Did you know Pinterest is a GREAT, visual way to find wonderful, healthy recipes. Yeah, there’s a lot of not-so-healthy stuff floating around there tempting you, but if you do a quick search for Healthy Recipes, you’ll lose the diet killing double chocolate chip caramel brownie sundaes 🙂 Next time you’re looking for inspiration, head […]

    I met Christy just a few years past, and our friendship grew really fast. She is kind and fun, and she amazingly Gets quite pissed if you deny her coffee.       Now Christy, did you think you would live ever live that down? Never! Ever! Not as long as I’m around! […]

A big thank you to Ann for choosing me for this! I am honored! Name: Mary P. Blog: Twitter: @FiddlersBride Age: thisclose to 44 (my bday is June 8) Hometown: Baltimore, MD but I was born and raised in Suffern, NY Tell us about your family. It’s me and Mr. Fiddler! We met in […]

Are you having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend? We hope so! If you’re planning on firing up the grill tomorrow, we have a couple of suggestions to help keep your meal on the lighter side. You know, so you don’t have that post holiday regret because you couldn’t walk away from the potato salad…. Lighter […]

Fitbloggin’ is for bloggers interested in fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle. Two days of education, networking, friendship and fun. The theme from Fitbloggin’ that resonated with me throughout the conference was: Be Real. Being true to yourself, your story, your successes, and even your struggles. CLICK sponsored Melissa and I at the […]

We all know that a good bra can either make or break your exercise experience. Have a crappy bra and you may have to “double-bag” the girls. That may be just as bad as a sports bra that gives the dreaded “uni-boob” look. I admit it. I was a chronic uni-boober. And then I received […]

Happy Friday!! Be prepared, because I am going to overwhelm you with goodness today! There are so many things going on, and I had to share them with you! First of all, our very own Social Sister Colleen is running in her very first 1/2 marathon this weekend AND she celebrated her ‘One Year Living […]

It’s been three weeks! Are you feeling POWERFUL? We are feeling empowered by YOU. All of you are doing a seriously great job at shrinking. Reading your comments and your posts and seeing your comments on other Sisters’ blogs makes us feel over the moon. Keep up the great work, and keep spreading the Sisterhood […]

This week, Jamee from A New Kind of Normal has chosen one of my favorite and one of our most supportive Sisters!! Congratulations, Tirah. I can honestly say that I was completely blown away when I opened my reader and saw last week’s Sister Spotlight! I’m sure it gets said every week but my jaw […]