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Are you a new runner or thinking about becoming a runner in the near future?  Have you wondered exactly how you would make it happen?  I am not speaking of running form, that is a post for another day.  I am talking about *what the heck do I do to make sure I am successful […]

Here is the next runner to share with you as part of our *Featured Runner Series*. Siyen is relatively new to running and finding her groove.  She just celebrated her birthday on July 3rd – HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SIYEN!- and she loves to run while her daughter scooters next to her.  Read on for her […]

As so many of us celebrate today with family, friends, BBQ’s, pool parties and fireworks, just remember that today is BUT one day of celebration.  You still have a lifetime journey ahead of you of healthy living and eating.  I highly recommend the following: 1. HYDRATE.  It is hot outside and in some areas, very […]

This has been weighing on me lately. All you new runners so down on yourself. Calling yourself a jogger, not a real runner, too slow, too much weight to lose, taking walk breaks, having a entire litany of excuses of why you don’t fit this perceived notion of what a runner is. Look, I am […]

I have more runners to share with you from the *Featured Runner Series*. I love reading everyone’s running story, don’t you? Please welcome Mary, one of the writers here at Shrinking Jeans- give her a shout-out, a high-five, or a YEE-HAW! in the comments below. Have you liked The Run at the Sisterhood Facebook page yet? […]

Good morning everyone!  How are you doing?  We have just a few days left for our Blast Into Summer challenge.  Are you ready to kick it into high gear and shed some more before our challenge is over? GO FOR IT- YOU CAN DO IT!  For those participating in our DietBet challenge, you have  days […]

This community of Shrinking Jeans readers (and writers) has come a long way in the years since it started.  I have made some very very very good friends here, one’s that I chat with on FB and via email.  A special group of them pushed me to start running and another group kept me running […]

It’s full blown Summertime in my part of the world (Texas) and that means it is hot hot HOT to the tune of 90+ degrees by noon.  Ugh. I mean, I love running in the heat. That is a TOTAL lie. I am a hot runner by nature (my body gets pretty hot when I […]

Here we are- the final check-in for the Couch to 5K program. Congratulations! High fives all around. How did it go? Did you finish strong? Are you still in the midst of the program- what week are you on? What did you learn about yourself? What was the best thing about the program….the worst? Are […]

Are you guys enjoying the Featured Runner Series as much as I am? Personally, I love reading about other runners and how they got to where they are now.  Chances are we have something more in common in addition to running.  Please welcome Rachel, our next runner in the series- give her a shout-out, a […]

I like to run.  Sometimes I love to run.  I really love to run to good, new-to-me music.  In fact, I am training for a triathlon right now and you are not allowed to run with headphones AT ALL during the race, which means I am doing my training runs WITHOUT music and it is […]

You are the home stretch of Couch to 5k, entering your LAST week of training. How is it going? Who is still around? Are you becoming the runner you envisioned yourself to be? I am so excited for you! You made a commitment and you are seeing it through. Maybe you hit a few bumps […]

Meet our next featured runner- Lisa B. She lives in New Hampshire, where I bet the weather is much nicer for running than it is here where I live. Make sure to give Lisa a shout-out in the comments below- do you have something in common with her, does something she writes resonate with you, […]

Good morning runner lady friends! It’s time to check in from last week and let me know how the running is going. Are you successfully completing each day? Is it getting easier, harder or staying just the same? Can you BELIEVE that you are running for such long periods of time? Give yourself a big […]

Meet our next featured runner- Ginny. She lives in Texas, just like me (and millions of others- ha!). Make sure to give Ginny a shout-out in the comments below- do you have something in common with her, does something she writes resonate with you, or something entirely different? Have you liked The Run at the Sisterhood […]