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Every now and again, the time comes when one has to step back and take stock with where things are in their life and where they are going. For me, that time came a few weeks ago. After the New Year arrived, I really started taking a long hard look at myself and doing an […]

So often in our busy lives, it gets easy to lose focus and perspective on what’s really important.  I know this has been especially true for me lately.  Between first having the flu and then later coming down with a severe sinus/upper respiratory infection, I’ve been sick for almost half of this new year.  It’s […]

This giveaway is now CLOSED!  Congratulations to Deanna G. who is our winner!  Please email me your mailing information (including phone number) to mel at shrinkingjeans dot net.  Thanks!     Award show season is here in full swing. Several of the big award shows have already taken place for this year, but the grandaddy […]

Congratulations to Alexis {Diva on a Diet} who is the winner of the $25 Applebee’s gift card!   Like me, I’m sure many of you have probably cut way back on the amount of times you eat out at a restaurant in the name of trying to save some calories and fat?  C’mon, we’ve all […]

Happy Wednesday, Shrinkers!  Here we are at Wednesday already, so that means it’s time for our third weigh-in check for the New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge.  Are you still hanging in there with us?  Are you still sticking to your goals/resolutions? If you’ve fallen a bit to the wayside, there’s still plenty of time to […]

Wow, I don’t know about the rest of you shrinkers, but this week has FLOWN by for me.  I can’t believe it’s already Friday, but I’m glad it is!  Bring on the weekend! LOL If you were paying attention earlier this week, Christy (one of our awesome editors) gave us all some homework.  The task […]

As difficult as it is to believe, January is upon us!  Counting today, we only have THREE days left until we ring in 2013.  I don’t know about you, but it seems like we were just ringing in 2012 a couple of months ago, right?! Naturally, this time of year generally means most of us […]

A winner for this giveaway has been selected with the help of the good folks at  Congratulations, Shari!  You’re the winner.  I’ll contact you via email to get your mailing information.  Thanks to everyone that entered! ————————————————————————– It’s that wonderful time of the year when we all like to get together with friends and […]

I love to travel.  One of my favorite places to visit is San Francisco.  I don’t know what it is about this city, but I just love it. Given my love of the city, I’ve been fortunate enough to be here all week on vacation with my BFF, Tracy.  Since we’ve both been here in […]

Being on a weight loss program, people seem to love to spew their opinions make observations about what I’m eating.  There’s one recurring theme I see to hear it all the time.  “How do you do it?  Diet food is sooooooo boring and has NO flavor.” I have to admit, it’s really easy to fall […]

Wow, can you believe it?  Thanksgiving was nearly a week ago already!  How is that even possible?!  Since it has been nearly a week, you know what that means, right?  It’s time for our first weekly check-in for The Great Maintenance Challenge! Did you indulge in too many goodies?  Did you let Thanksgiving Day become […]

Feeling a little stuffed after the big Thanksgiving feast extravaganza yesterday?  We all know there us a huge temptation to continue eating the leftovers, so I’m here with a friendly reminder that Thanksgiving is a holi-DAY, not a holi-WEEK. Since the holiday is now over, this is a great time to jump right back on […]

Ahhh, the Norman Rockwell version of Thanksgiving. It has become almost as iconic as Thanksgiving itself.  It depicts the whole family gathered around the holiday table with the ginormous turkey that Mom/Grandma slaved over in the kitchen all day cooking to perfection. In days gone by, this is precisely how most families spent the Thanksgiving […]

As difficult as it is to believe, Thanksgiving is now less than two weeks away for those of us here in the U.S.  How is that even possible?!  This year has just flown by it seems.  Given it’s so close, it’s definitely time to start thinking about Thanksgiving cooking and menu planning. For those of […]

I’m not sure how many of you may be aware, but Wego Health decided to put an awesome twist this year on the annual November event of National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo).  They’ve introduction National Health Blog Post Month (#NHBPM).  So, in addition to the challenge of posting on your blog every day for the […]