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See this pretty running shoe? And this one too? They are the same shoe- the New Balance v1400 Racing Flat- and I am in love with it. Period, the end.  That’s all I have to say about this shoe review- I love it. How’s that for details? Actually, when asked to review this a racing […]

Athletes and non-athletes alike need proper fuel when it comes to improving the intensity and results of their workouts. Foods that require lots of digestion weigh you down, sap your energy, and leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued. Fresh, clean foods provide your body with the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed to get fit […]

I have discovered something wonderful lately. It’s called the great outdoors. It’s become my latest workout venue and I am hooked. HOOKED!  As in as soon as I wake up in the morning,  I am thinking about when and how the great outdoors and I can meet up again. Take it outside has become my […]

If I had to choose one word to describe how I feel right now, it would have to be *overwhelmed*.  Raise your hand if that’s you.  I have too much on my plate and I am drowning.  Something needs to give or my mind just might explode.  I went back to work permanent part-time when the kids […]

  Most of y’all know that I am a Susan G. Komen 3-Day walker. Some of y’all know that I just finished walking my third Komen 3-Day 60 mile yes, 60 miles is a LOT of miles walk in beautiful San Diego, California. Today I wanted to talk a bit about my adventures this past weekend […]

It’s time for True Confessions. Let me be the first to say that I haven’t done my best the past few weeks. I’m not proud of it, but I’m fessing up and telling the truth. True confession is good for the soul, right? As some of you know, I’m dealing with some tendonitis in my […]

Congratulations!!! Many of you ran your first 5k as part of the Shrinking Jeans Ghostly Gallop.  You made a commitment, found a training plan, moved up from running only a minute to running for over 30 minutes.  That’s a HUGE accomplishement and you should be very proud of yourself. Now that you finished your first 5k, […]

With the holidays fast-approaching, stress levels can rise as bank account numbers magically decrease. As you spend time, thought, and dollars on celebratory events and gifts (for others, of course), your health and fitness doesn’t have to get cast to the wayside because of finances. Being a health nut on a budget is possible, and […]

The doctor sat at his desk writing. He turned around, handed me a paper and said, “Go home and Google this. You know you’ll do it anyway”. The paper said tibial posterior tendonitis and I did go home and Google it. Per The American Health Network…. Description Tendonitis can be a common problem in the […]

It’s the happiest time of the year! And the most stressful, for some.  With so many holiday events, family obligations, end of year projects, and travel,  the holiday season typically means indulging in a great deal of unhealthy food and drink, lack of sleep, and extreme emotion. As a result, the holidays become as much […]

We hope you had a SPOOKTACULAR time during your walk/run! We want to thank each and every one of you for participating in our virtual race! Also, we would like to thank those who experienced a delay in receiving their medals, we appreciate your patience! A special shout to our sponsor! This event wouldn’t be […]

  November is a time to reflect on giving thanks and counting our blessings. I realize most of us will do this “formally” on Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks, but I want to take a few minutes and do it now, too!   First and for most, I am thankful to God for […]

While we here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans are all about posting on the topics of health, fitness and wellness, we want to take time today to honor all of those who serve in our Armed Forces. For many of us, today is a day off of work, a chance to sleep in, […]

You might kind of know me and I might kind of know me, but I am sure we would both benefit from a Get To Know You Meme.  You know what a meme is, right?  A list of questions, per se, that each person reading answers.  C’mon, play along- it will be fun! First Name Food […]

Industry leader in home diet delivery, bistroMD is set to unveil a refreshed and rebranded 17 Day Diet Meal Plan, complete with new entree offerings, as well as an all-new 17 Day Diet Delivery website. The redesigned 17 Day Diet Meal Plan menu retains the most popular entrees from its wildly popular predecessor, while gaining […]