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It’s my turn to light up the SJ stage and then quickly turn my back and run away after I leave my confessions here for you to read and analyze. I should probably charge admission for this confession session. Either that or I should be spilling my guts inside a tiny booth while I talk […]

Anyone else just loving this challenge?  I love love love that we are ALL focusing inward, making ourselves better and better and better.  You, too?  Raise your hand high in the air if you agree….go ahead, do it now.  You girls/guys/hookers/rock stars/pimp daddies know how much we love you, right?  We love you so much that […]

Well it’s already week 3 of the Holiday Hoedown challenge. Can you believe it? Was it 3rd times a charm or 3 strikes and your out? Whatever the case, the good news is that today is a new day. The beautiful thing about healthy living is that we get to make choices all the time. […]

Seriously. Ashton Kutcher, is that you? Is that tree really a tiny camera? I swear I’m on an episode of PUNK’D right now! How in the hell did I end up with the Tuesday confessional post the weekend after Thanksgiving and the day after my birthday? This is so much like the time my friend […]

Today is our favorite pimp, Ryan’s, birthday. I think he might be 21 or maybe he’s 29, I’m not sure. All I know is we love him and really, who couldn’t love a face like this? Also, when I realized that Ryan was born in 1981, it made me want to punch him really hard. […]

At a time of year when the to-do list looks like a replica of the dead see scrolls and ADD flareups are at an all time high, pretty much the last thing we seem to make a priority is our own health. Sure, a spirit of giving is a really great thing to have, but […]

Ever since I was a little kid I remember having a profound respect for our military. Maybe it was because I lost both of my Grandpas before I was born and they were both veterans, or maybe it was because I saw my parents come to complete attention every time The Star Spangled Banner played […]

When I saw this question come through I have to admit I was more than excited to take a crack at it. It’s something I’ve wondered myself for a long time. I mean, it’s not very often that you go to peopleofwalmart.com and see an overweight Mom riding an electric shopping cart with her healthy, […]

Shrinkvivor is in full swing and because you’ve all been working so hard I decided to give you the day off. No, not of working out silly. Don’t be ridiculous! In fact, get down and give me 20 for even thinking that I would let you off the hook for even one day when it […]

I was so excited and touched when Ann chose me as the Sister to spotlight last week. I may have even shed a tear or two while reading her post. This week, it’s all up to me to choose who gets the honor. I have chosen…. drumroll, please… Dawn (babyboy3)! Dawn has been around the […]

I know you’re all gearing up for the Shrinkvivor Challenge right? If you haven’t signed up yet and you’re still sitting on the fence go sign up now. I’ll tell you why. This very post is going to give you the inside track on how to eat to shed the pounds. Trust me, I’m giving […]

I know you’re all thinking that I must be blogging right in the middle of that recurring dream about how I actually restored that Latin language right in the middle of my 1oth grade English class. You know, the one where I stand up on my desk, rip my shirt off, and proclaim to the […]

The advantage I have writing this Tuesday confessions post for the very first time is that I’ve got plenty of material. The bad news is… well… that I have plenty of material. I started making a list of my transgressions about a week ago, and it quickly became an 87 page document. I decided to […]

As you all know I’m a little new to the whole culture of Shrinking Jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely excited to be here, but my body’s still adjusting to the estrogen levels. That slight level of discomfort reminds me of when I first started on my weight loss journey 13 months ago. I […]

……there’s a new man hanging out in the Sisterhood! Quick, hide your daughters. YES! We have found a dude who’s brave enough to dip his toes into our great big pool of estrogen. HAIL to Ryan from No More Bacon! He’ll be jumping into our regular rotation, spicing things up with his male perspective on all […]