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I was inspired by a posting over at FatCyclist entitled “What I Learned From Riding My Bike” and thought it would make a great topic to start a lessons learned meme. I personally think it’s an important part of everything we do in life to take some time to look back at what we’ve learned […]

As a father of two and someone who’s struggled with being overweight my entire life, being a role model and setting healthy examples for my children is a huge priority in my life. Since September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in the U.S, I thought it’d be fitting to start this month helping to raise […]

If you’re like me you’re always short on time in the summer yet you’re looking for something healthy, delicious, and simple for dinner … stressing on simple. Wrangling a little one that just learned to walk and keeping the three year old eating healthy food is itself a challenge let alone find a way to […]

So it’s the Friday before my first Triathlon and I’m finally able to breath for a few hours. I’ve been working crazy 70~ hour weeks for the past 4 weeks and I’ve completely neglected my blog and my sisters here in the hood … sorry ladies 🙁 I’ll admit now that my workouts haven’t been […]

So today is supposed to be review it Saturday and I don’t have anything to review, at least not with any authority. I have some new things I’ve purchased recently like a pair of Aqua Sphere Vista swim goggles but I’ve only used them once. I have a new cycling helmet I’ve had a few […]

We’ve been really into trying new things in our household this summer. So much so that we sometimes have trouble keeping up with what’s next. A huge part of that always behind feeling has to do with having kids, as any other parent will surely attest … they’re always running around wanting to do something. […]

My wife and I are usually pretty good workout partners. Sometimes we just pop in a DVD and knock out a solid circuit routine and for others times we throw the kids in the running buggy head out for a run. Despite our days of synergy sometimes it’s a battle to agree on anything at […]

Hello everyone, my name is Sean Willson and I’m a new writer here at the Sisterhood. While I have no formal journalistic training I have been blogging since 2000, before it was called blogging. It’s also important to mention that I’m not a sister … well, I’m an honorary sister but I’m actually a man. […]