Thea | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans – Part 3


I grew up hating meatloaf. It seemed like my family had it ALL THE TIME!
I understand now why. Money can be tight when you are trying to feed a family of 8 (I’m one of 6 kids) on a truck driver’s income. My mom needed to make meals that were easy and […]

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We’re in the home stretch, folks! We’ve only got one more week in the Shrink For Good challenge.  Are you close to your goals? Go hop on the scale and let us know how you did!  Then show us your cans!  (I feel so naughty saying that…giggle!)

Our latest exercise challenge started on Monday!  We are training for […]

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Dear Sisters, I would like to run a 5k with you. Sincerely, Christie O. The end.

That’s my letter to all of you. Remember how Lisa posted this little thing about a 5k a couple weeks ago? The EA Sports Active people want us to train for a 5k and they’re giving us 4 weeks AND a training plan to do […]

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So much of what we all focus on when trying to lose weight are numbers:

Pounds lost and gained Calories/Points eaten Inches lost Minutes (Hours?) of exercise

Clothes sizes

But what about another set of numbers?  When’s the last time you had your cholesterol and triglycerides checked?
My dad was overweight for most of his adult life.  It took a doctor to […]

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